Headway App Review

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Can I read a book in 15 minutes? I tried the Headway app to read more books…would I recommend it?

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  1. Mycaddigo

    One of the negatives is that the summary’s are not the full book .. 😂

  2. Cricket Yurchick

    If you REALLY WANT it download and DO NOT subscribe….. return a few days later look through the subscription options and they will go down to 49.99 per year and then AS LOW AS 29.99 for the WHOLE YEAR!!!!

  3. troublekick

    Great review, first video i watched to check the reviews and thanks, I think i’ll stick to actually reading a book 📚👍 , appreciate your content

  4. Mr Dog

    Oh my God, Americans are so irritating, after a few minutes the winy awful accent is unbearable

  5. Anthony Irby Jr

    Great Review, thank you, this was very helpful

  6. L

    The other benefit of reading is the act of reading itself, in addition to the information you learn. Reading helps you learn to express yourself better. I’ve noticed as I get older my spelling has gone waaaay downhill and it’s because I’m not reading as much. So, bottom line, this is good for getting info into your noggin, just like audiobooks, but reading itself is still critically important.

  7. Lui Adventures

    Random just got the app and thanks for your review I'll sub

  8. Emmanuel Oduwole

    Thank you. Am about to subscribe. Thanks.

  9. ZyberFlix

    I didn’t like the robotic voice so i didn’t learn a lot. I now use story shots and mentorist.

  10. Lloyd Barnes

    Very good review, I agree with everything you have said! It's very expensive and I would use it as a way to introduce me to new books that I would like… is that really worth it? I'm not sure

  11. Govindrao Kulkarni

    I got it today for 29$/year. Some 70% off deal popped up! I was like, alright let me give this a try 🙂

  12. Rosangela Duarte

    Thank you for the objectivity. Went straight to the point. So tired of watching videos that never goes to the point. Good job!

  13. §Ł3u§

    Oh…this is very curious,well I have this interest for the app because an add of this app showed me that this app can be good to improve your english,the add showed a summary being read by a human voice and later on,a word was clicked and quickly it was translated to Spanish,my interest in this app is to improve my English,but I hear weird stuff in their review section,the thing of the free trial,the scam and other things that made me search for a video that could explain this app,now I don't really know if I'm gonna use it to improve my English,anyways,thank you for this review :)👍

  14. Noor N

    Headway is a total SCAM 🚨🚨 i cancelled my free trail the first day yet I was charged with 89.99 usd out of nowhere. I even got this usual message that says you’ll still have access to the app until the trial ends yet I was charged 😤

  15. Ross Garrett

    Scam. Avoid this app, they take your money, no recourse for refund

  16. Andre Aae

    i wish i could pay for just a month. or try it a month to try it

  17. Rexi Ri

    Can the headway app be shared between other devices?

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