Crowdfunding 2020

Crowdfunding 2020
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Please support the Boston University Dance Team on our Road to Nationals! We do not own the rights to this music – I’ll Be There by Jess Glynne (Cahill Remix).

Crowdfunding Secrets | 6 Devs That Hit Their Goals [2020]

Are you planning on launching your indie game on a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo, Fig, or Kickstarter? One common question we get from the Ask Gamedev community is “Do you have any tips for launching a successful Kickstarter campaign?”. Well to answer this question, we sought out help from the experts.

In this video, we’ll hear from 6 game studios that launched successful Kickstarter campaigns!

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► The Warp Coin Catastrophe by Proximity Sound

► Justin Wack & the Big Time Hack by Warm Kitten

► Alwa’s Legacy by Elden Pixels


► Letters by 5am Games


► Onsen Master by Waking Oni

► Savior by Starsoft

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20 comentarios

  1. Glenn Enriquez

    only few countries are supported in making a campaign on Kickstarter and etc. sad 🙁

  2. loot6

    11:45 "if you end at 3am you'll miss out" No matter what time you end it will be 3am somewhere in the world, not sure how you're supposed to avoid that.

  3. Caleb Wright

    I'll be crowd funding my game.

    It's a deck building game unlike any that's been put together before. Tokens of Natura has octagon shaped creature and spells cards due to the mechanics of combat and strategy that takes place on the gameboard each turn.

    Additionally, there will be an extensive storyline behind the game too, so that if multiplayer battles and ranking isn't your thing, you can instead explore a campaign to soothe your need for the next complex journey you've been waiting to go on.

  4. dusan dragovic

    After 2-year-stoned period, getting my second wind for game dev. thanks to your wonderful channel!

  5. Roman Freidin

    Hello friends, subscribers of the fundraising project for raising a tourist bus.
    I’ll talk a little about myself and about the project.  My name is Roman, I am 24 years old.  I live in the Krasnodar Territory.  My dream and goal is to open my own business in the field of tourism and travel, but because  banks refuse credit and there are no other sources of funds, it remains to ask for help from you …. I will be grateful to every person who will help to realize my dream and goal.
    The link to the crowdfunding site is located in the header of the page and in the comments to this post.
    On this page I will share with you the achievements and results of the project.  Thank you all for your attention!

    Beneficiary account: 40817810730005370563 recipient Roman Sergeevich B.

  6. Pierre

    How do I get my game published? Do I need to start a company?

  7. Brek StormCrow

    Wow! Alwa's Legacy looks pretty damn cool to an old buzzard like me

  8. Joe Ferguson

    You guys are spot on with your topic choices lately! Get out of my head – and keep up the good work!

  9. Zafer Khatib

    great video as always…… so i am from Syria and i am working on a game alone and want you to recommend a publisher that is good and do not has a problem working with someone from Syria

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