Adversaries were not going to ‘test’ Donald Trump: Lara Trump

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Fox Business contributor Lara Trump discusses how former President Donald Trump would have handled, and even prevented, the situation in Ukraine on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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20 comentarios

  1. joe henry

    Mail to order president's dont work. Let's go Brandon.



  3. Henkie Jong

    Biden and son is compromised by Russia , they are in the Russian energy business as they were in Ukraine.

  4. Henkie Jong

    This war is made by the 83 million Americans who voted for this senile president .
    Now enjoy his policies.

  5. Michelle

    Exactly Trump was a business man Not apart of the government & for this he was attacked beforeduringafter till this day for defending & standing up not just for We The People but Our Country!

  6. 1ambrose100

    NOVEMBER 10TH BIDEN STARTED THIS WAR (ZERO PRESS COVERAGE OF THIS EVENT.) I was actually defending Biden and blaming the Germans and Ukrainians for this fiasco of a war. I was wrong. I had no idea (anyone else?) what happened on November 10th. OMG. Biden signed an agreement (zero media coverage) stating that the Ukrainians had a RIGHT to join NATO – Russia's Red Line – guaranteeing an invasion. Where are the Republican officials on this? They should be all over it. Instead they're siding with Biden. Shocking.

    By Tunku Varadarajan

    WSJ. March 4, 2022 1:07 pm ET – "The pact made it likelier than ever that Ukraine would eventually join NATO—an intolerable prospect for Vladimir Putin. “It was the last straw,” Mr. Service says. Preparations immediately began for Russia’s so-called special military operation in Ukraine."

  7. FV

    Why would Putin invade when Trump was in Power . Trump wanted to Pull 12,000 US TROOPS out of Germany . Wanted the US to Pull out of NATO .Withheld 400 MILLION of Military aid by BLACKMAILING Ukraine . Trump was Putins Lap Dog .

  8. Al's Opinion

    Missing Trump leadership world wide. Peace needs Trump back in WH.

  9. Michael Phillpott

    Putin knew Biden was full of hot air, and called him on, exposing Biden as being all mouth, all of the time.

  10. paul truong

    the war in Ukraine and Russia will last until the last war Armageddon Russia China IRAN, Israel and NATO if President Trump does not return to the White House to end the war in Ukraine and Russia, world war 3 will happen if President Trump taking over the leadership of the White House will prevent China from attacking Taiwan President Trump will force Putin to sit at the table to sign an armistice right away, avoiding world catastrophe

  11. Francis Bacon

    All Trumps are Putin lovers. Putin got them into power.

  12. greg garcia

    This commander-in-chief will leave troops behind they are expendable to him he did it before he’ll do it again He cannot be trusted he lies all the time He’s all talk no action Russia and China have a lot of dirt On dirty joe He can’t do nothing because they will reveal Joe’s dirty little secrets with Russia and China Reason why we’re buying oil from Russia a communist country

  13. Handiman Jay

    Biden is and always was a weakling and Harris is worse. Democrats lied to America to bring down Trump and seat ole Joe. They used every truck in the book to manipulate people into believing Trump was bad. Their 24/7 emotional attacks on all Americans broke our country, families, friendships, and communities are more divided than ever before over race, politics, identity and more. Their rhetoric was not facts based but emotional meant to create fear, rage, and violence. Emotionally triggered people are the hardest to reason with regardless of who presents them with facts contrary to what they’ve been lead to believe. To accept the facts would mean they had been fooled into supporting lies.

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