Zeta App Review — Top 4 Features for Couples Managing Their Money Together

Zeta App Review — Top 4 Features for Couples Managing Their Money Together
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Zeta App Review — Top 4 Features for Couples Managing Their Money Together

https://dyernews.com/zeta-review/ Looking for an app that will allow you and your partner get on the same page when it comes to finances? Zeta includes some great features to help you reach that goal.

Zeta: https://dyernews.com/zeta

It’s no secret that one of the top sources of fighting between couples is money. Therefore it makes sense that, that with numerous personal finance apps that now exist, some would be geared directly towards partners looking to communicate about and manage their money better. That’s exactly the idea behind Zeta, which is a free budgeting and finance tool for significant others.

So how does it work? Let’s take a look at what you should know about Zeta and some of its key features.

The first thing to know about Zeta is how to set up your accounts, including selecting who can see what information

Like many personal finance apps, Zeta allows users to link their banking and credit card accounts to view all of their transactions and balances in one place. However, something’s that’s a bit different is that you can label these accounts as shared, personal, or private. Selecting shared will allow you and your partner to view balances and transactions for that account. Meanwhile choosing personal will only allow your partner to see balances for that account, while private will restrict them from seeing accounts at all. In other words, choose wisely.

Next, once you have your accounts linked, you’ll be able to view your transactions and also communicate to your partner about them using memos

Under the transaction tab of Zeta, you can browse purchases you’ve made using your linked accounts. You’ll notice that these will also have a hashtag under them, which will come into play later. Tapping a transaction will not only give you the ability to view more info, but also allow you to add a memo.

Here you can add notes for yourself, tag your partner to ask questions, and more. COnvieninly, you can also view all memos in one place under the aptly named Memos tab and respond to your partner. This makes for an easy way to discuss finances and ensure everything is in order.

Another one of my favorite features in Zeta is their bill due date calendar, which offers plenty of customization options

Even the best of us can forget about certain bill due dates from time to time, which is why it’s always nice to have a reminder. Enter Zeta’s calendar feature found under the BIlls tab. At first, this calendar will actually be prepopulated with recurring bills Zeta identifies in your transaction. From there, you can customize what items should appear, who should be alerted about upcoming due dates and how they should be alerted, and even mark each bill with an emoji to make it stand out on your calendar. Even if you have some of these bills set to autopay, I still found that seeing when those transactions would hit to be a nifty feature.

Finally, Zeta’s app does allow you to build a custom budget and track your progress, although I’d recommend getting this set up on the desktop site.

As I mentioned, transactions in Zeta will automatically be tagged based merchant data. Those tags will come in handy as you set up a custom budget. The only problem is that I found the process of setting up a budget in the app to be a bit clunky. For example, I felt like the tool for adding new categories to include in your budget operated more like a webpage than an app and made it somewhat difficult to scroll through the different options. That said you could search tags by typing and even create new categories if you wish.

I did find that the process of setting up your Zeta budget was made easier by visiting the Zeta website on the desktop computer. Luckily, once you do this, you should be able to keep tabs on your budget via the app without issue.

Overall I think Zeta has some helpful features for couples looking manage their money together.

While I’d like to see a couple of tweaks to the app’s user interface, I like where Zeta’s heart is at. In particular, I think the memos functionality and billing due date calendar are standout features that make this free app worth trying.

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  1. Startswithaj

    I’ve watched your reviews for Zeta and Honeydue. Which do you think is better for couples?

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    I like the idea of couples app for savings and also the features it have.

  3. lauren lopez

    This can be a great app for couples who have saving goals.

  4. Logan Morgan

    Thanks for going us through Zeta. This can be a great app for me and my wife.

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    Good Job Kyle, like your channel😉👍

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