What is Network Marketing and How Does it Work?

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No, this isn’t a video about affiliate marketing. Today we’re going to talk all about network marketing – what it is and what it is not. I’m gonna bust some myths about network marketing and show you how you can do it too. Take back control of your life and see what opportunities you’ve been missing out on!

00:34 Pyramids
01:54 What network marketing is not
02:44 Sell the product or sell the opportunity
03:44 How it works
06:07 When do network marketing companies become pyramid schemes?
07:50 John Rockefeller
08:44 Selling the product
09:35 Selling the opportunity
11:30 Selling the lifestyle

Watch and Enjoy!
John Crestani


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For the past several years, multimillionaire businessman, entrepreneur, and investor Robert Kiyosaki has been a staunch supporter of network marketing.

He has made the claim that network marketing is the business of the 21st Century.

Mentor me Robert.

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40 comentarios

  1. Truth Is Treason

    Mother fudger is wearing lv quoting John Rockefeller.

    Absolutely pitiful, and disgusting 🤢

  2. Sterling Lowery

    "The quality of your life is the quality of the consistent emotions you experience." Tony Robbins

  3. Autograph NG

    Robing Peter, James , John and Matt to pay Paul. That is network marketing. Building 10 people at the expense of a thousand. No business does that. Be wise people.

  4. Zain ali

    The way of understanding things is very funny 😁😁

  5. HAZE Williams

    Myron Golden brought me here. Thank you for the simple breakdown of Network Marketing ❤️

  6. Ярослав Калихевич

    Do you know about inCruises?

  7. Britt Weeks

    Idk how to direct message Tony but I tweeted at him to feature you

  8. Britt Weeks

    I tried Beauty Counter like 5 years ago but I was in college with a toddler and newborn so I just had too much on the go to make it work.
    Now I’m with Globallee since May. The first month I made like $10. I’ve made over $500 since May though so things are getting rolling now.

  9. Multi Skilled Electrician

    You're genius. This is incredible explanation.

  10. Andiswa Gogela

    Edmark. Still on it🤍🤍🤍Great video thank you

  11. خديجة اوغندا

    This is Hadijah. I like network market ing so much. I do I will make it.Am from Uganda

  12. M.Patricia Prudence

    I started network marketing at 20😊 it's been challenging but I've matured alot because of the difficulty… it's been a year and 4months and it's gotten easier because I've become bold enough to work.I'm on my way to getting financial and time freedom♥️

  13. Harina

    I am grateful for your training Robert. It is because of your book, the Business of the 21st century that I understood and took up network marketing seriously. And I am here to testify that it is the most important decision I ever made in my life. Thank you for objectively educating us on the subject.

  14. 1hitta 23

    Or u have rn employee mindset. Just some people need a job to be able to afford food, rent etc but just as long as u study the b and I quadrant. Just make sure the job is temporary guys and don’t get hooked to having a secure job bcuz working for someone else is just horrible everyday I’m desperate for that day to come where I finally ready to started my buisness journey

  15. 1hitta 23

    I’m 18 and my only goal is to be a successful buisnesses owner with a successful system and then become a successful investor with many assets and properties but I do have a part time job which I am an employee but that doesn’t mean I have an employee mindset. Bcuz first I hate working for someone else and making them rich. Everyday I’m at work I’m constantly thinking of when I’m able to get my business running and I can leave this job but this job is the only thing that is paying my rent , food , gas etc . Just to survive but I study everyday on having a working business system and being an investor soon so being an employee doesn’t always mean ur gon be a loser

  16. Celebrity_rooster

    Please. We need more of this. Network marketing turns visionaries from being pussies to badassess. Too bad, those who are calling network marketing a SCAM (you know, still confused about money) are missing out.

  17. Jerome Christopher P. David

    I Like The Winning spirit of Robert Kiyosaki.

  18. Sed Dasa

    this mlm i dont believe even if robert endorse it …

  19. BLACK C.E.O.S.

    Network Marketing is just smart. Especially now.

  20. Post Card Life Style

    I love this video and its still crazy to me that Robert is a super network marketing fan. Truely a smart man and great video. Thank you

  21. Yusoff

    These pyramid scheme destroyed the beauty of network marketing. Hopefully more people would be educated about this

  22. Joanne Lajoie

    This teaching is real. You have to go through these steps to understand Mr. Kiyosaki's teaching. Whishing you to become a WINNER!

  23. Thompson Jack

    Greetings sir
    Sir how do I start a network marketing

  24. Beata Pogorzelska

    It's simple-be one of the first seller in the company launching something new and useful.If the product catches on you'll be rich soon and the rest of you life you'll spend teaching how easy you can become rich.

  25. Hon Muhyiddin

    I'm in my early days of being a network marketer and This speech gave me extra power with enough confidence plus helping others is my favorite act. Thank you, I'm gonna share it with my team

  26. Alan Partridge

    Are people still fooling for this shit? 😂

  27. Jake

    How do you speak for 10 minutes and say absolutely nothing

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