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Inspired from Maya’s architecture and partly from a Japanese temple, Waya it’s a modular floating city.
The modular Waya pyramid can offer different living and entertainment settings, such hotel, shops, spa, gym, bars or cinema for any purpose.

In order to complete the main Waya pyramid, different modules are overlapped on the floating basement, which measures 54 metres x 54 metres in his largest module, extending the surface to about 3000 sqm.
The basement holds a large entrance for the boats and the reception to access the rooms, by subdividing his height in ten different floors with a total surface of 6500 sqm, the complete Waya reaches a maximum height of 30 Metres from the waterline.
Each Waya module can be coupled with a specific floating basement, creating itself another customized floating building.

The energy, provided autonomously from solar panels and water turbines, contribute to power with clean energy all the services and systems of the pyramids, including desalinators which are located in the storage under the main level.
In the sub merged part of each floating structure, a large amount of storage space is used for the engines, equipments, generators or additional energy resources.

Lazzarini is planning to initialise the building process of Wayaland, while starting a crowdfunding of the smaller two floors module (10m x 10m).
Accordingly to the designer, in order to build the first Waya-suite, € 350.000 will be necessary, sum easily available by starting to pre-order the avaliable nights of the year 2022 at € 1000 x night
(365 nights = € 365.000) on the website www.wayaland.com

Each contributor will vote, to decide where to rise the first Wayaland in the world.
Wayaland will offer a new offshore living eperience, a self sustainable community, built around the human on the water.

The floating modules, anchored to keep the position, will be also easily adjustable, while maneuvering with the lower mounted engines.

The chassis, composed in part from fiberglass, carbon and steel, will be assembled piece by piece while climbing the structure, after placed the basement, directly in the water.
Covered from surfaced solar panels, all the external surfaces of the Waya will be able to store energy from the sun.

Each investor/contributor will become a citizen of Waya and will receive the Waya passport.
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20 comentarios

  1. Semiramara Queiroz

    Pra onde vai o lixo desse povo que vai ficar aí???????????????????

  2. holmes feronton

    Reminds of my Vivec from Elder Scrolls Morrowind.

  3. Suzi M

    Where will our pets run? Will they drown? How about children? Will they jump into the water? Will sharks and large ocean creatures be able to access areas and kill people and pets? These are but a few safety issues regarding living on the ocean.

  4. Domenico Lo russo

    Bellissimo il vostro futuro Ah naturalmente è sempre se ci arrivati ovviamente salvo complicazioni che non venga fuori la fine del mondo che mi sa che ci siamo Boh

  5. Betrayed King Zero

    What I love about the design is the ability to expand the structures by simply building a pyramid "shell" on top of it

  6. Сергей Викторович

    А что будет с ними при шторме? А если и того хуже – цунами?

  7. Вадим Пупкин

    Хорошие жилища для главных воров планеты – супер ! Good dwellings for the main thieves of the planet – super ! Много рабов им будет не нужно. They don't need many slaves.

  8. Сергей Киселев

    А если океан покрыт льдом?

  9. D G

    I wish the company would post more info on this has construction begun and where?

  10. 미국오빠Mikookoppa

    I could see artificial islands like this one in the future!

  11. Wesley Carvalho

    Parece uma casa de tabuleiro se olharmos de baixo. Se não você o antigo Egito não estaria aqui. E como é que pagaaa?

  12. Rush Bayou

    where is the garden? or the long walks on the beach? How do u commute to work? will u be able to call for a plumber? what about lightning? whos going to clean off all the bird crap? how do u milk a dolphin for ur coffee creamer? are there more then 1 anchor? is that paddle wheel a power generator? how do u keep the boat from clunking a against the house? dose Aquaman have shares?
    will the Mcdonalds barge deliver? do the mermaids have a call svs? how do u manage black and grey water? i didn't see any bathrooms in the designs? how do u get potable water supply? there must be rainwater collectors and filters? where are the windmills? what materials are these structures made from that would be UV protected and keep from cracking in shifting waters? are they built on location or shipped to location via tug or airdropped? how do u build a picket fence? why is there so many home so close together? do u have to like Elon to have one of these homes? can u add sails to relocate? whats the point of all the moving parts? are ppl required to have the RFID implants? 2:17 are those counter weights? 2:22 not all the colors are in the legend? 2:26 what are the crystal pillars in the corners? is this like a gated community or commune? where is the children's play ground and school? funerals must be really grim? would these survive international waters? can pirates start there own commune? can these be made space worthy? can i buy mine with purls or bitcoin?

  13. Rush Bayou

    kevin costner wasnt in ne of the shots… wtf? lol

  14. Patricia Cheuqueman


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