"WATCH OUT! It Started…" – Robert Kiyosaki's Last WARNING

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Robert Kiyosaki warns about something big infiltrating America in front of our eyes… PREPARE and help with spreading the message!

Robert T. Kiyosaki is an American businessman, investor, and best-selling author. One of his most popular books is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and it’s a great educational tool on the way to financial freedom. Kiyosaki is well known for revealing the truth about money and finances that they don’t teach in any school.

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«WATCH OUT! It Started…» – Robert Kiyosaki’s Last WARNING
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Robert Kiyosaki has been warning people who are relying on a pension or 401(k) that he expects the next largest crash to happen in those two investment vehicles. In this episode, today’s guest explains why you should own gold and silver now more than ever before and the value of diversification. 

Jay Martin, CEO, and President of Cambridge House International Inc. says, “The bulk of the last 12 years has been a bearish market for precious metals.” He goes on to explain how many individuals are being caught flat-footed by having zero exposure to what he calls “historic money.”

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jay Martin discuss the importance of diversifying your portfolio into precious metals as the economy heads into turbulent times. 

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39 comentarios

  1. Mr Benefactor

    Thank you for your insight, may this year be a full of great accomplishments.The secret to wealth is simple you’ve got to start taking steps to achieve your goal.

  2. Joe Recio

    Business come and go. The feds should not help bad businesses.

  3. Kurt Ronk

    Its here!… run, run, run kiss your ass goodbye! It's over run!

  4. steve

    Simply do this; disregard the market opinions and projections. I'd suggest buying shares of reputable firms and holding them for long that's exactly why investing in stock now will be the best a favorable decision

  5. David Osbron

    The Best advice I ever got was, "Invest For The Long Haul, Don't Get Too Greedy And Don't Get Too Scared. The biggest risk of all is not taking one"

  6. 30scapri

    Robert K ..same message for years & flipping years. Statistically, at some point, he will be right.
    I never got to the end of this video, did he manage a plug for Rich dad, poor dad?
    He needs to be put out to pasture.

  7. Walk Away

    ya right, every year same story, pathetic tactic to get more views n likes…pooi

  8. somethingg interestingg

    This guy is so ideological its nauseating

  9. Nguyễn Công Thành

    Quite confused! If Bitcoin is real money, why is it go up and down so much ? and why no one use it to buy food? bitcoin went down from 60k USD to 20k USD in less than a year in 2022, mean it inflated 200%. why No one mentioned about it but only focus on USD. If bitcoin is really important to us right now, I don’t think people will ignored its stability 😅 too early to say it is a real money 😅

  10. Beach Roasted

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wasn't the biggest crash ever supposed to happen in January?? I'm up like 30%. You're a joke, you've been a joke, you will always be a joke. Keep avoiding wokeism or whatever LOL

  11. Sircarlos 7

    Having food will be an asset at the rate we’re going.

  12. miguel grados

    This is just brainwashing…he don't say anything… people are soo lost xD

  13. hugo batista

    didn’t Bush bail the banks out? Didn’t Trump print money?

  14. Viktor

    It's hard to make it out of the financial rat race in time if you don't have your money literally working for you smartly in different sectors of the financial world. Besides money is the most hard working employee you could ever recruit. You need to make more ways to keep your money actively working for you. It's great you are working towards making money work for you.

  15. Sandy_My_Candy

    WHY DO YOU POST THIS SO MUCH???? Everybody chill tf out. This has been being posted EVERY OTHER DAY FOR YEARS. It will be fine.

  16. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." __Anonymous

  17. Galina Rod

    I am laughing at how you call them communists. In a communist society there's no private property over the factories and banks. What on Earth these billionaires have to do with communism? You really should read works of Marx. What we have now is called Imperialism. In works of Marx, Imperialism is the last stage of capitalism. It's when transnational corporations rule the entire world. And this is exactly what we are observing now. These globalists have no loyalty to their countries and their nations. It's all the contrary, they are destroying the nation states. So stop calling this Imperialist fascism what it is not. And it is not communism.

  18. UrBAN TV

    hi appreciated great work…number 9 Mistake was missing would you kindly add that VRITKN789

  19. mehmet ulusoy

    Sabse badi mistake hogi to buy any Adani stock, avoid it till the matter settles VRITKN789

  20. Abdurrahman Hasırcı

    Thank you for most valuable information ☺️☺️ VRITKN789

  21. buğyakağ

    Is this a good time to buy stocks? I know everyone is saying stocks are at a discount and all, but just how long will It take for us to recover, obviously there are strategies to maneuver in this present market but these strategies doesn't come common to the average folk, or am I better off putting my money elsewhere VRITKN789

  22. Rida kashikoi Too

    its a pleasure to watch your videos…….. awesome VRITKN789

  23. Major

    Thank you for offering your valuable advice VRITKN789


    Sir plz make a video on career options which includes travelling. I am passionate about travelling to various countries, staying in luxurious hotels etc, hence I am searching for a job/freelance/business which will include travelling VRITKN789

  25. Deivid kaleeye

    I really want to learn about stock market investing so can you please guide for same or suggest some courses for beginner VRITKN789

  26. Justice

    Whenever I see your videos i started connecting with you.. because of your simplicity VRITKN789

  27. Murat Coşkun

    Average for my VRITKN789 is 282.. What should i do ? Its on 140's and 150's from long time.. Should i sell them and bear the loss or wait for longer time. Please help Ankur and give some advice. THANK YOU

  28. Alperen Özer

    entry and overall episode, thanks Ankur bhai for your effort 👍 VRITKN789

  29. Punisher

    I have a question with the new remittance scheme for USD that has been implied for IND Money, there are now a lot of charges on remittance for US stock investment from Bank, is this the way it is going to be or can there be changes since now it becomes very difficult to invest for me to invest in US stocks at all VRITKN789

  30. Abdullah_GoalKeeper

    I like the way you make mistake in some words and the way of admitting and correcting it VRITKN789

  31. Neslihan Tıraş

    VRITKN789 , there have been some changes in IND Money fund transfers for buying US stocks due to RBI regulations. i am a bit concerned cos of this. Could you please make a video on this?

  32. umutistaken

    Really great tips. Thank you for sharing 👍. I have actually made a few bad investments in the past and am not sure whether to withdraw or wait for the investment to come up so that I can atleast recover my principal. Please could you share any suggestions. VRITKN789

  33. Sάitάmά reis sa

    Thank you for sharing this with so much transparency & honesty ! ❤❤ VRITKN789

  34. Bu kanal kapanmıştır

    Everyday is a learning. Thanks to you for educating and motivating us to make our lives better. Much Appreciated VRITKN789

  35. khur

    May God bless amazon. the VRITKN300 is the game changer VRITKN789

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