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Se está llevando a cabo en Goteo el crowdfunding para la puesta en marcha de este proyecto audiovisual.

Se persigue hacer un video sobre los residuos de aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos (RAEEs) que cuente como está el tema aquí y ahora.

Esto supone un proceso para cuya cofinanciación pedimos el apoyo de todas las personas e instituciones interesadas en que el tratamiento de los residuos sea conocido.

Para que haya un planteamiento independiente, no condicionado por los grupos de presión que dominan el panorama, necesitamos poder dedicarnos profesionalmente a ello con el tiempo y la energía necesarios. Por eso hemos puesto en marcha este procedimiento de cofinanciación.
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Watch This Before You Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign - A Film Courage Filmmaking Series



Are you sure that crowdfunding is right for you?

00:00 – Sheri Candler, Marketing Strategist
04:29 – Kyle Patrick Alvarez, C.O.G., Easier With Practice

Reasons you should crowdfund

07:16 – Adam Chapnick, Indiegogo
15:04 – Gary W. Goldstein, Pretty Woman, Under Seige
20:05 – Gary King, How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song

Prep work & research

21:26 – Marc Scott Zicree, Space Command
28:00 – Nicolas Alcala, The Cosmonaut
33:38 – Patrick Shen, In Pursuit Of Silence, La Source
39:37 – Sheri Candler, Marketing Strategist
46:11 – Christopher Miles & Angel Valerio, The Amber Project

Setting your crowdfunding goal and planning your rewards

50:57 – Miguel Duran & Violeta Reina Duran, Chutes
54:37 – Chad Diez & Art Hall, LAPS Season 1 & 2

Kickstarter or Indiegogo

1:05:07 – Michael LaPointe, LoveTouchHate

Making your pitch video

1:08:44 – Joke Fincioen & Biagio Messina, Dying To Do Letterman

Crowdfunding mistakes

1:16:53 – Nicolas Alcala, The Cosmonaut
1:19:27 – Gabriel Diani & Etta Devine, The Selling
1:22:11 – Nicolas Alcala, The Cosmonaut
1:24:20 – Jon Reiss, Think Outside The Box Office

Keys to a successful crowdfunding campaign

1:28:39 – Nicolas Alcala, The Cosmonaut
1:33:11 – Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith, TINY: A Story About Living Small
1:42:27 – Gabriel Diani & Etta Devine, The Selling
1:48:28 – Jon Reiss, Think Outside The Box Office







Stuff we use:
CAMERA – This is the camera we have used to film 90+% of our interviews (over 200 interviews and counting) It continues to be our workhorse –

LENS – Most people ask us what camera we use, no one ever asks about the lens which filmmakers always tell us is more important. This lens was a big investment for us and one we wish we could have made sooner. Started using this lens at the end of 2013 –


Rode VideoMic Pro – The Rode mic helps us capture our backup audio. It also helps us sync up our audio in post

Audio Recorder – If we had to do it all over again, this is probably the first item we would have bought –

LIGHTS – Although we like to use as much natural light as we can, we often enhance the lighting with this small portable light. We have two of them and they have saved us a number of times –

COMPUTER – Our favorite computer, we each have one and have used various models since 2010 –

EDITING – We upgraded our editing suite this year and we’re glad we did! This has improved our workflow and the quality of our work. Having new software also helps when we have a problem, it’s easy to search and find a solution –

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20 comentarios

  1. Marjorie Sweet

    I would like help if anyone can help me please I would love to go see my mom that I haven't seen in 3 years she lives in Plattsburgh NY she is not doing to good I miss her so…much I've never asked for anything in my life I just need help for gas to get there and back home I'm just asking for maybe 250 that would help please I've never did a go my go from me so I don't no were to begin

  2. Shadow Man

    yeah so may as well just learn a new skill and work using that skill to raise your own money than waste hours and hours studying how to ask for money…

  3. paul forbes

    that first woman is a shark, she views crowd funding as a way of earning money. crowd funding succes depends on the contribution youre going to offer to society. greedy beggars will end up broke

  4. Terry Lang BoroServe

    Hilarious Ironies: As I assembled a most remarkable 8-1/2 x 24 job trailer that's equipped for most any residential estate, commercial property. industrial/manufacturing mechanical or structural discrepancy, I thought of a tool. As I was painting the interior of the trailer I needed to keep laying down one tool then picking up another. I was thinking, that's stupid and a waste of my time/concentration so why not have that tool's function on the tool I had in my hand.

    I finished that part of my bad as tool / job trailer then searched Amazon for the tool I wanted to own. Then I searched some more because I was not finding it. I searched EBay, then Home Depot, then this, that and the other sites that seemed like the likely sources to have that tool type of businesses. The epiphany way budding…I just invented a tool.

    There are 4 things I recognize that make this tool a damn sure thing.
    1: Painting goes on everywhere on virtually everything,everyday on this planet. This is not a local, regional or even nationally exclusive need and not limited to any particular clique… anywhere. Everybody paints or has things that are painted, so will probably need painted again in the future. It's not going out of style.
    2: I've paid for a patent attorney through INVENT HELP to do an international patent search and HOORAY… there is no patent on such a device.
    3: It is unique and exceptional in its function and concept and therefore has been deemed as patentable.
    4: I am a tradesman, though I do far more than just painting of any particular structure, machinery, equipment or vehicle I know I WOULD BUY ONE.

    One other soul, besides Invent Help knows of this idea, this tool.
    He's been a commercial painter for over 40 years.
    He told me in so many words: " Hell yes I'd buy one".

    I already knew that… but my insecurity wanted me to ask for a second opinion. I sure hope he doesn't let slip what this tool is to anyone, I'd hate like hell to have to break his legs. I'm a pacifist but this idea is too big to remain a nice guy. He knows this and guaranteed, he won't talk. A series of unfortunate events, some 100% of my own doing, I've a cash flow issue and I'm paying waaaay more in higher than ethical interest rates (sharks) and fees (thieves) than is logically responsible for any business to pay. Bastard,

    The Paradox is this:
    What was chump change, (relativity) I need $20,000.00 to get this tool into manufacturing. Of course, I'm unable to describe what it does, what it is or even hints towards any of the aforementioned. If I could, I'd have investors lining up. I'm not some oh boy, start up dreamer. I'm a damn near 60 year old man that's been in the trades for over 4 decades. This tool is going to be in every Home depot, Lowes, Amazon etc. etc. etc….

    Had I not invested and got into debt building this new job trailer for my entrepreneurial adventure, I'd have the money and/or the credit line. Problem solved/ Never happened. Then again, if I hadn't been painting that trailer would I have thought of it? Who knows. Why didn't I think of it before? Who knows. Why hasn't anyone ever thought of it before? Who knows.
    But… it was too late, the business ate up the tool capital and the tool's inevitable success is the answer to the… well… EVERYTHING.
    The Question Is This: Who has 20 grand and wants to be a millionaire?

  5. A Herrns

    Just for MINDVALLEY to know: SKIP ADD is my weapon against you.

  6. GeoLitz

    LURKERS?! You call people offensive names if they don’t give you money?

  7. Medicine Creek Man Survivalist

    How many people on this crowdfunding campaign saved a life of a hiker & hunters? Raising money for without depth of bringing some out of a National Park alive who managed to get lost should be at number one. We have built a pack in which hikers and hunters coming out alive.

  8. Dragons & Dungeons

    Great information. Thank you for making this.

  9. Raymond Duggan

    i need crowdfunder page to buy food , after losing medical insurance, but too embaressed to ask people for help. would rather go homeless

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