Tron TRX | 100 Million Accounts Reached and more…

Tron TRX | 100 Million Accounts Reached and more…
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Tron TRX | 100 Million Accounts Reached and more...

The Tron blockchain has reached 100 million accounts which is huge compared to other blockchains in the crypto space.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, the information presented here should not be taken as financial guidance. I invest based on my own research. I am not responsible for any trading losses that may result from following my actions. I recommend doing your own research. Good Luck on your investment journey.
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Tron TRX is used to prop up USDD in case of a depegging and now we see the value of TRX falling! SHORT SQUEEZE

The Terra LUNA UST fallout, BINANCE BNB PROBE and Celsius melt down are costing the globe billions in both the crypto market and the stock markets. The lack of regulation in the crypto industry is leading to so painful situations.

Let’s be clear here, what happens to Bitcoin BTC affects the entirety of the crypto market including XLM, XRP, ETH ETC
2022 will have so many big events for Stellar XLM and Ripple XRP.. With ETH and BTC dealing with gas fees, XLM and XRP don’t have the same concern. Luna crypto shiba inu coin terra luna crypto volt inu
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We cover NFT Mana Stellar XLM Lumens bitcoin blockchain DRDGOLD Gold OIL LOOM DNT VMAR RIPPLE QUANT and more!
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30 comentarios

  1. Greg Anweiler

    BTT patience is a virtue. Never say woh in a mud hole 馃暢. TRX is holding it together. PL Premium 10x is working.

  2. MrAlexStoryteller

    Storm X, Digibyte, TRX, etc. Mr. Mike has made known to us tokens that'll climb in price in the coming years & make us all rich

  3. Oscar Federico Wingartz

    Hoo lee, this is big trc20 usdc!! now i can move fully backed usd using the tron network via Ftx, what is only missing is usdd, which is weird since alameda is one of the approved minting institutions and parent company of Ftx

  4. HipHopWest TV

    All these damn Tron coins is going to smother BTT New, BTT is getting it's azz kiked

  5. To the fxckin' Moon

    "Deploying more capital, steady lads" is the exact same thing Do Kwon tweeted, verbatim, when LUNA and UST went into the death spiral

  6. Akbardjxx

    KLAUS any possibility XLM Will burn supply , like 2019 in future. Or 50 billion XLM already fix supply.

  7. Dopeman Dan

    Glad I鈥檓 shorting it for 10grand. Wish me luck bois

  8. Anthony Leavey

    Obviously you shorted this big time and now you are seriously Butt Hurt.
    Cry me a river

  9. The 33rd Way

    Glad I sold all mine 6 months ago 馃槀 XLM for the win 馃

  10. Southern Time

    Just a couple months ago, 43% of you thought crypto was going to make you rich.

  11. Wigbusta Crypto Gold

    Knew this months ago I posted in the discord awhile ago about tron

  12. John M.

    Incoming regulation will end the life of 90% of all tokens allowed to be traded within the US.

  13. Apostle W. M. Dawson

    Great insight Klaus, thank you for your diligence!

  14. Michael Otoo

    Tron btt winklink are all connected should i sell winklink

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