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A visually striking book about contemporary live audiovisual practices, resulting from worldwide collaboration.
The starting point for this project is the reigning confusion regarding the terms that describe what is happening today in the wide realm of artistic audiovisual production. Visual music, expanded cinema, VJing, live cinema, and live audiovisual performance are the most important terms here, commonly used and suggestive of their own line of history and shared practices, but not as yet sufficiently defined for theoretical debate.
A group of international researchers and performers in the field have now come together to address these uncertainties. There will be mutual exchange and an invitation for practitioners to contribute, through a survey and panel discussions. The fruit of this collaborative project will be a beautifully designed book publication.
The Audiovisual Breakthrough team
Ana Carvalho is a Portuguese live video composer, performer and editor, and writes on live audiovisual performance.
Eva Fischer is an Austrian art historian, curator, visualist and founder and director of the sound:frame – Festival for Audiovisual Expressions, and writes about VJing/visualists.
Cornelia Lund is a German art historian, media theorist and curator, and writes on visual music. She is director of fluctuating images and co-editor of Audio.Visual – On Visual Music and Related Media (2009).
Adeena Mey is a Swiss-Cambodian critic and researcher, and writes about expanded cinema.
Gabriel Menotti is a Brazilian curator and lecturer at the Federal University of Espírito Santo, and writes on live cinema.
Maria Pfeifer, Austrian comparative literature scholar and part of sound:frame festival, created an online survey addressing visual artists in Vienna and all over the world.
We need your help to materialize this printed object, to pay for the graphic designer, the printer, the right paper, and to secure worldwide distribution. For that, you will have a book that enables the reader to grasp all the different aspects of contemporary audio-visual practice and be part of the current discourse.
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We created this crowdfunding video for Kickstarter for a great company, Railyard Studios. They took 100+ year old railroad rail and turned it in to art. Tons of iPad stands, tables, chairs, beds, wine racks and more were able to be made after this campaign!

We made it super simple for them. We helped them write a script, chose a day to shoot and then handed them the final product. Nice and easy. Do you need a crowdfunding video for your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign?

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  1. Professor DR ABHIJIT SAYAMBER MD withme##Pulmonolo

    Om pure love 😍

  2. Stan Deman

    Nice product – shame about the silly out-takes. Just makes you look arrogant.

  3. Neville Creativity Mentor

    I am from India … I need a Indiegogo video to be made.


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    What are your price points if that is ok to know here?

  5. casey stinsler

    My partner and I were referred to your company as being the experts in doing videos for kickstarter projects.  I liked this sample of your work.

  6. bruce choo

    We have been looking the right company to do your crowdfunding video.  Looks like we have found it here.  We will be in touch.  I have some questions.  What's the best way to talk to someone?

  7. hoagiemcgee

    This is a nice sample of your work. I like that your company does everything from script writing,video production, to final product.  Very professional.

  8. Terry Lazner

    I liked this and would like to know where I can see more examples of work your company has done?  thx

  9. scottpolston99

    I have a project I am going to be launching soon and I will be looking for crowdfunding support.  Now I know what company I will go to for my video work. 

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