Should You Back? – Robinson Crusoe Collector's Edition

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Time Stamp:
0:00 – Robinson Crusoe on Gamefound
0:37 – Let’s Begin – The current market
03:58 – What are you able to get?
08:38 – My issue with the stretch goals
09:50 – Book of Adventures thoughts
15:56 – Add-ons
19:48 – Crowdfunding page setup issue
21:23 – Shipping
22:10 – Final Thoughts

Robinson Crusoe is one of the fameous board games of all time. That was one of the first board games with survival element with so deep story-line and immersion. First edittion was published in 2012… This year we create special collection edition of our beloved board game.

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40 comentarios

  1. Francisco Amado

    I'm thinking of going for a late pledge. 
    I already have a first edition (the one with the messed up rulebook and hard to understand cards) and I liked it a lot. 
    But I almost always had to play it solo because it is in english and was hard and time consuming to explain to others. So I'm thinking of going for the new collector's edition in Portuguese to try to make it more immersive for my friends and get to play it more often.
    Does that make any sense or am I being delusional?

  2. Aonline

    I sympathize with your feelings towards gameplay content being stuck to expensive minis. Clearly Portal got in bed with Awaken Realms and it seems minis are part of the sweetener. I personally own a lot of minis heavy games along with my meeple and cube pushers, and never once have I wished to see minis on Robinson Crusoe, all i wanted was more scenario content. Especially as adding these plastic elements is cleary causing a huge price hike. I was so exited for the book of adventures, and I still am, but everything else surrounding it is leaving a sour taste.

    Another personally relevant issue is that I have the Zman edition (and Voyage of the Beagle and Treasure chest and Mystery tales, loyal fan here). Despite what the campaign claims, the update pack will not work for Zman edition, only the previous Portal edition, the board wont fit in the box, the cards are different size and card back is different, and yet I was only able to find out about this on bgg forums because that information/warning is not clearly provided in the campaign. So while I was grudgingly on board to get the update pack with the minis, now I have to decide if I need to buy this game yet again (and at a blown up sales tag) to get at the new gameplay stuff and not have to worry about full compatability 🙁

    Right after the Everdell snub, this has pretty much convinced me to be a 2nd edition backer/buyer whenever a reprint is a likely thing. For me, update pack/ original owner treatment is becoming the litmus test for golden companies I trust and would back should they launch a new project.

  3. Shahin Moradian

    OK, so your vids talked me out of buying Robinson Crusoe but got me to purchase Mythic Battles: Ragnarok so… I guess I better subscribe and tell you I love your videos!

  4. NineSeven 420 Empire

    I like it but, not enough to to wait a year. In order to get some Minitures at 2x the cost.

  5. Daniel Vedå

    One additional bonus for backing this new edition is that everything will fit in one box (not the old expansions). If I were to buy the 2nd edition and than go with the upgrades, I would have a hard time fitting everything in the box. If I get more expansions later I could probably put something in those boxes.

  6. Chaos Covers Games

    5:08 but all stretch goals in all campaigns are planned ahead of time for the most part. I think Blacklist games has real stretch goals. But pretty much every other company it's a lie and was pre-planned

  7. 01hornsfan

    This was a helpful discussion. I had backed the game but you made me take a hard look at things. And for me, the issue isn't exactly the cost, but the time commitment. I have SO many games. This seems cool to own, but it will NEVER hit the table enough to justify the cost, at least with me as a solo gamer or with my gaming group. It just won't. I don't have that much free time. I know that, and because I know that, I was already feeling the regret on this pledge.

    And where is the money to pay for this coming from? Probably from a game that WOULD hit the table more often. So by cancelling my pledge (which I just did–sorry Ignacy, I still like your company and your social media presence), that just made something like Mythic Battles Ragnarok, or WHQ: Cursed City a LOT less painful for my budget.

    Bottom line: There are a lot of great games out there. I do think this is one of them. But I simply don't have the time to play all of them, so why would I sink money into all of them?

  8. Fighter

    This video stands in stark contrast to your video reviewing Primal's campaign. You were much more positive towards Primal despite it being more expensive, having more superfluous stretch goals and add-ons, and featuring less gameplay options for the price. It seems your ability to scrutinize changes when you don't have a personal interest in the game in question.

  9. Marcos Mussel

    I agree. I died playing this game many times, I wanted the book for the variety, but with the shipping cost to AU, better getting a whole other game or getting one of the other expansions sold here. I never ended up building a proper shelter in the game original scenarios, so that “castle” seemed really overproduced and something I won’t use in-game. I love painting miniatures and like to incorporate them since they do give another feel to some games, but not sure in this one since each will represent an action and we get two of each, not a character on a location, so again, not entirely sold on them either enhancing the experience that much. I think this shows the merit of the base game, it is really well done and “complete”. Anyways, thanks for the videos.

  10. Lotter Winner

    I thought this was going to be my change to delve into this game but woo that price tag is far too steep.

  11. Mepper

    I have much of the old stuff and I'm not going to re-buy that stuff. Yes, it's a "forever game" for me. I'm definitely getting the Book of Adventures, but if that's all I get then I'll wait for retail to get it cheaper. I may get the Castaway Veteran pledge. I want to get the new cards so that I don't have to rely on the app. I'm waiting until the end to see what all the "hype goals" are. I don't expect to play every scenario in the Book of Adventures, but the book will make it easy for me to figure out which scenario I want to try on a given day. If you start considering the add-ons that aren't included in any of the pledges then the cost can quickly skyrocket.

  12. Mr47the

    I expect 1 hour of gameplay time per $3 i spend on a board game. $1/hr on video games. Otherwise i wait for a sale 😉 I'm curious how many of the adventures require more than on player (competitive only scenarios). This game might get close to that $3/hr.. i really want the game but it a bit too expensive, still deciding on backing or just buying the 4th edition for $47.

  13. Scyld Scefing

    This game is in my top 10. I'm not a minis fan, so will skip that. I did back the scenario book and added the play mat. Very excited.

  14. Némo Gondör

    hi Chris, i like your video but the section about the scenario's kinda misses the mark as the 50 scenario's include the original 6.. and (sadly) 20 remakes of these 6, leaving you with 33 scenario's for which at least 2 you need the Mystery Tales expansion which is an add on and not included in the deluxe collectors edition. and 6 promo's you might have already. there are 24 New scenario (one of the last 5 top secrets is labled as horror so it might need the Mystery Tales expansion as well. And currently they are having votes for the top 3 best community scenario's which will be added to the book which, again… is not new as they already live on the forum.

    I am a book only backer myself as i don't need the miniatures but i am a bit sad about it the be honest.


    35. Meds for the Dearest Mother

    36. Front Page News!

    37. Bigfoot Spotting!

    38. Evolution of Chupacabras

    39. Piranha Cook-Off

    40. The Ark

    41. The Ancient Map

    42. Sealed in the Cave

    43. The Drawbridge

    44. Monkey Went Bananas

    45. Reality Island

    46. Tomb Raiders

    47. Waves of the Living Corpses

    48. Sinking Lands

    49. Forbidden Grounds

    50. Fading Island

    51. Gambler's Gold

    52. Pearl Diving

    53. The Fog of Anxiety

    54. La Navidad

    55. TOP SECRET – "Yin Yang" from Update #2

    56. TOP SECRET – "Lost Memories" (Horror) from Update #4

    57. TOP SECRET

    58. TOP SECRET

    59. TOP SECRET

    See full scenario list here:

    again, nice video just some extra info here for you and who ever is watching

  15. Tiago Sousa

    Well described why I won't back it even being part of the lower shipping fee (Portugal).

  16. ShaZam

    I'm backing this because I've been on the fence for RC in general and the fancy updated and more accessible new edition just put it over for me. This is my kind of game and if I'm going to get it, I might as well get the newest version w some extra tactile feel of the minis and scenarios. I hear the expansions are a mixed bag so I'm just at the "new stuff" pledge level.

  17. RedWintyr

    I am backing this, I don’t like when people say that you can pick up the core game at $25 because with shipping it is about the same as the Amazon price of $50. Also disagree that the book of adventure is like Cmon miniatures. The miniatures add no new game content where the Book of adventure does

  18. RocketMagnetUK

    Not keen on games with loads of Minis and generally don't buy them. In this instance it's not that excessive and ultimately the whole point of this is mainly to "Deluxify" the base game.

    If your not interested in the Minis etc just buy Second hand or buy it at retail next day delivery.. both the Treasure Chest and Mystery Tales are in general retail stock also (just checked).

    So yes I agree it's annoying when games gate game content behind Minis but in this instance it's not too egregious. Probably not going to get this but the upgraded box with a proper insert is tempting along with the Book of a wide choice of scenarios.. I don't have to play them all just would be nice to have a choice than a handful I may not like that much. The new learn to play scenarios look really good also.

    Overall I think this is a very different proposition than a proper new game that you can't get at retail and for many games never will. Because of this situation they clearly have to offer something which is why they are pushing the "value" of the unique items or at least Vs the retail price.

    I've got the base game but not too interested in upgrading it but it's got a big following of people who absolutely love it so the packages do make sense IMO.

  19. Johnny McNabb

    Disagree with the comparison of 60 extra character and 60 scenarios book. The book is broken into different difficulties and time. Doubt I would play the kid level. But knowing the difficulty before playing and the amount of time to play the scenarios is a great help to get the game to the table. Where as 60 character with little difference between them will never get played. I agree that the game is over priced ( especially the mystery and treasure chest) and doesn’t need mini and should be separate. I think the book is way better than treasure chest. Love the idea of the extra themed cards but wow is that way over priced. Another great video, great job even if I disagree with you.

  20. SierraSigma

    Oh. You did call everyone "lazy". What disgusting arrogance.

    Myself and others have been complaining about YOUR "lazy" communication for MONTHS.

    If you had been communicating with your customers who have been struggling and having problems completing their PMs, you wouldn't have had to delay.

    This is on you. Not your customers.

  21. Name Withheld

    Thanks for the great update. I love the sound of the open & play mini-campaign.

    Most importantly, thank you for your passion and effort creating a great game.

  22. Francisco Amado

    Now I regret choosing the Portuguese version… The translations by the brazilian partner are normally bad already, but they will be terrible with no time to proof read everything…

  23. Jonathon Garratt

    This is a fantastic way to update the fans on progress of your games. I would love it if you continue to do this back and forth Q&A style of updates on where production is at for all Portal games projects 😀 thanks Ignacy and team!

  24. chris Evans

    This is our favourite game. Shame we die most of the time lol 🤣

  25. Benjamin Nicholson

    How about that app? How’s it coming along? I am ready to test it out 🙂

  26. FamilyMeeple

    Thank you for taking the time to share. Having never played RC to date but hearing so much incredibly great stuff about it, whilst I'm not in a rush as have plenty to keep me going, I am really really excited to receive my copy when it lands! The mini's look great and will be a very nice addition to an already outstanding game. Keep up the great work!

  27. jpmg

    Unfortunately, without seeing the at least a sample of the insert, I opted to only pledge for the book, since this was actually the most important thing to me. Please consider re-opening the pledge for a limited time after you have a sample you can show.

  28. Philipp Sobecki

    I love you guys, RC is the best game out there.

  29. Joé Deschesnes

    Hello wonderful team! I can't wait for the release of the Book of Adventures, it's very promising! Can you tell if some of the gameplay features that are only available as stretch goals (collectors ed. and/or B.O.A.) will become available for purchase later ?

  30. Efrain Rivera

    Please, please, please include a complete glossary in the instructions booklet. And, please include a complete FAQ with examples. Thanks, Ignacy.

  31. Efrain Rivera

    I even purchased a GameToppers tabletop to play Robinson Crusoe with maximum enjoyment.

  32. SwillSSwil

    Having a mini campaign as the open & play sounds fantastic! Really looking forward to seeing that.

  33. Jim

    I saw Ignacy at SPIEL and I asked him about the insert but he said he was not involved with the insert, but it was still really cool to talk to him in real life finally.

  34. Donna Autrey

    Thanks for the update!! I can't wait to get this in my hands.

  35. I-Ah Esel

    What about the App? Will you release it before delivering the physical copies of the games or are you going to wait?

  36. I-Ah Esel

    What about the App? Will you realease it before delivering the games or are you going to wait?

  37. ruby walters

    Ignacy please forgive me for answer some of the comments. I was just trying to help the team out.

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