Rob's Café: Coffee, Crowdfunding, and Conversation (Mar. 25, 2022)

Rob's Café: Coffee, Crowdfunding, and Conversation (Mar. 25, 2022)
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Rob's Café: Coffee, Crowdfunding, and Conversation (Mar. 25, 2022)

Join me live in the Café so we can casually chat about Rob’s Gaming Table, tabletop crowdfunding campaigns, what’s going on in the board gaming hobby, and whatever else comes up.

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► Star War Outer Rim: Unfinished Business Expansion:
► FFG Reddit Post:
► Sword & Sorcery to Teburu:
► Sleeping Gods Distant Skies:
► Casting Shadows:
► Mercurial:
► Fire For Light:
► Kingdoms Rise & Fall – Dorian:
► Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Expansions:
► Jurassic World: the legacy of Isla Nublar:
► Tidal Blades: The Rise of the Unfolders:
► Malhya, Lands of Legends:

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9 comentarios

  1. lightwire

    at this point the Malhya campaign is over and i'm wondering if i woulda backed it

  2. Helen Shepherd

    Tidal Blades however, I'm in on the base level of that one. I love that it has the standee option. I love that it has a pretty table presence and I love that I can get my dungeon crawling fix in a lighter format. I've never played the first Tidal Blades – the worker placement of it never really appealed to me at the time.

  3. Helen Shepherd

    Wow! Malhya looks AMAZING and those videos on the Kickstarter is a brilliant idea. However, I can see this game is 100% not for me. I learnt the expensive lesson with Tainted Grail that loving an epic game like this and actually enjoying playing it solo are two very different things. I completely agree with Canje's comments in chat, its just way way way too much (especially adding on shipping to Aus) That said, I can also see its 100% the sort of game I would watch hours upon hours of streams of you guys playing it (Euthia is also in this category – too much game for just me but I'll watch it and enjoy every minute of it)

  4. Helen Shepherd

    2:51:44 Noooo what the heck is that icon board!! Im having enough trouble sorting the iconography in Tiny Epic Dungeons 😂😂

  5. mike James

    I started watching your channel because the games you play are different than my usual choices. I lean towards heavy euros. Me giving my opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. Love the channel, love the presentation, and the community you have built

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