One of the Best Crowdfunding Weeks…Ever? Tidal Blades, Jurassic Park, TM Ares | Week of March 22

One of the Best Crowdfunding Weeks…Ever? Tidal Blades, Jurassic Park, TM Ares | Week of March 22
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One of the Best Crowdfunding Weeks...Ever? Tidal Blades, Jurassic Park, TM Ares | Week of March 22

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It’s Saturday…you know what that means. This is a big week. Lots to talk about and lots of games that are going to make waves. Let’s digest it before it hits.
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Time Stamp:
00:00 – Liege of Games in the Morning
01:04 – Tidal Blades Rise of the Unfolders – 22nd
05:15 – Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition Expansions – 22nd
07:25 – Does getting it earlier ACTUALLY matter?
08:46 – Jurassic World The Legacy of Isla Nublar – 22nd
11:36 – Casting Shadows? – 22nd?
12:31 – Encyclopedia. – 24th
13:55 – Fire For Light – 22nd
15:05 – Pit Formula – 22nd
15:50 – Island Alone – 22nd
16:48 – Kingdoms Rise & Fall Dorian – 22nd
18:18 – Mercurial – 22nd
19:38 – Bossa – 22nd
20:41 – Okko Chronicles: Ramparts of the Empire – 22nd
21:52 – WRONG!!! I made a mistake!

22:29 – Last Week’s Over/Unders
– Most funded of the week? RIGHT
– Western Legends 5K – WRONG
– 2.5 games over 100K – RIGHT
– Video over 2k views? RIGHT
24:12 – This Week’s Over/under
– Most $$ campaign
– Tamashii vs Tidal Blades
– Channel over 5225 subs?
– 3.5 games over 0k?
26:43 – TV TIME
28:46 – What do you want out of a review?

Tidal Blades Rise of the Unfolders –
Terraforming Mars Ares Expansions –
Jurassic World Legacy Isla of Nublar –
Pit Crew/Formula –
Fire For Light –
Island Alone –
Dorian: Kingdoms Rise and Fall –
Okko expansion Ramparts of the Empire –
Bossa –
Mercurial –

Kickstarter Links
Bossa –
Mercurial –
Terraforming Mars Ares Expansions –
Tidal Blades Rise of the Unfolders –
Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nublar –
Island Alone –
Fire for Light –
Encyclopedia –
Kingdoms Rise & Fall Dorian –
Pit Formula –

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20 comentarios

  1. Banana Moon Studio Sapporo

    Thanks for introducing our "Bossa"!
    We exceeded our funding goal in 8 hours after launch!
    The campaign will run until April 13th.

  2. Zenster

    GG is really making another Village attacks expansion? Source?

  3. Lawrence E

    Pit Crew was pretty fun. I enjoyed it but not for everyone. Real time AND math can be a hard sell….. like Lovelace & Babbage.

    Not sure it's a good thing for a Kickstarter.

  4. Liege of Games

    Hi all! I screwed up on the Village Attacks thing! No such thing happening! Sorry!

  5. Creaky Table

    I have to disagree with you this time on the TM: Ares portion, Chris. It's not uncommon for you to go retail rather than KS, which I totally support, but to say the value is good based on others chasing the secondhand market for exclusives isn't a great basis for the value being good. Also, obviously toxicity isn't good anywhere, but companies should be accountable to their backers; they are shareholders after all. Even you have justly highlighted companies that are taking funds for numerous campaigns without completing previous pledges. It falls in line with that. Otherwise, you're still my fav for board game news/reviews, so I'll hop on over to that Ares review to see what magic you've been working.

  6. Kyle Hussey

    Been watching your stuff for two years, as always love the content and I really enjoy the pop culture reference high five to all the Zoolander stuff 🙂

    Gota say personally the egg knight jokes aren't doing anything for me.. if others like it great. – not my sense of humor.

    Keep it up!

    You should do a video panting a miniature, with all that plastic you have.. if you suck no worries me to, but it's a way to make things more personable 🙂

    Have a great day

  7. Dan Restorff Tønnesen

    Surprised that Grimlord tries to make a New ks. The way they handle their backers is uniqely bad.

  8. Johnny McNabb

    Love the videos but PLEASE Stop with the Egg knight. It’s so annoying.

  9. SamBalducci

    "Does getting it earlier ACTUALLY matter?" It depends. There are always a few loudmouths in any situation. Most people are not going to care if it is 1 or 2 weeks. However, I am in a KS right now and it is 6 weeks in retail thus far and with the latest update, it is going to be more like up to 12 weeks. At what point do backers no longer matter?

    Given the situation with logistics right now one container may arrive before another and I can understand that but when that is NOT the case and they make a choice over the backers, yeah, to me, that is a problem. In my specific case, the distributor for retail and KS is the same company and they are specifically priortizing retail over KS. Why? Simple, KS backers have no recourse so they can go pound sand even if takes 3 months. Retail has commitments and are paying with new money. This is another downside of crowd funding. At any point in the chain you can just toss the backers aside.

    Many KS right on their campaign page explicitely state that one of the reasons for backing their project is to be one of the first to get the games. When that commitment gets tossed out the window what do you do? The only recourse is not to support these companies any more and I do not care if they are a one man shop or a big CMON-type company.

  10. Fred Fisher

    Play Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition with new players man. Great analysis like always on this video.

  11. Evan Kelley

    Legacy of Isla Nublar has some gameplay over on the dice tower. I'm sure people will like it but it didn't seem like it was for me.

  12. Wendell Hicken

    How about a Rahdo style playthrough of part of a game vs Egg Knight?

  13. nakano

    New expansion for Village Attacks even though the previous one hasn't been fulfilled? First time I hear the rumor. If it's true, guess Grimlord Games finds the time to write their first update this year.

  14. IronSalamander8

    I like miniatures but I hate how they inflate the prices of games and how they make the game take up too much room. My Cthulhu Wars stuff takes up more room than 5 other games, and the maps aren't big enough for the chunky minis. I'm a hex and counter wargamer first anyway, so used to less bells and whistles in general, so I'm 100% with you on letting people buy a game with and without the minis.

  15. Geo Kami

    honestly the only legacy game I played after the campaign was clank, and thats because it was just clank which is amazing as a standalone game

  16. Mepper

    I'm most likely to back Encyclopedia. I'll take a look at some of the smaller ones.

  17. StoneTempleGlyph

    'A game 65 million years the making', cute.

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