How to Create Crowdfunding, Fundraising & Charity Donations Website like Kickstarter With WordPress

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How to Create a Crowdfunding, Fundraising & Charity Donations Website for Projects, Startups, Organisations, NGOs etc. like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundme, Just Giving, Ketto etc. With WordPress, WP Crowdfunding Plugin & Patrios Theme.
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00:00 Introduction & Demo Website Tour
07:39 Best & Fastest Hosting
21:39 GoDaddy to SiteGround
23:43 Installing FREE SSL
24:32 Installing WordPress
26:03 Basic WordPress Settings
31:42 Installing Theme & Plugins
35:49 WooCommerce Quick Setup
38:21 Creating Campaign
46:32 WooCommerce Payment Gateways
47:14 PayPal Checkout
48:45 Stripe
52:21 Creating Home Page
01:20:46 Importing Other Pages
01:27:24 Customizing Website
01:29:41 Creating Menu
01:30:42 Footer
01:36:22 Final Demo

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How to Create Crowdfunding, Fundraising & Charity Donations Website like Kickstarter, Indigogo, GoFundMe & ketto WordPress & Krowd Theme
★ —– Important Links —– ★
* FastComet —
* Krowd Theme —
* WPCF —
* Elementor —
* Images & CSS Codes Download —
* SiteGround — (Get 60% OFF Link)
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00:00 Introduction & Demo Website Tour
11:14 Best & Fastest Hosting
20:24 Installing SSL & WordPress
25:32 Basic WordPress Settings
30:30 Installing Theme & Plugins
34:03 WooCommerce Quick Setup
36:41 Payment Integration
44:05 Creating New Campaign & Reward
48:32 Campaigns Categories
57:29 Accepting Donations on Campaign
01:00:46 Adding Updates to Campaign
01:01:20 Withradimg Campaign Money
01:11:38 Importing Slider
01:15:30 Creating Home Page
01:45:48 Creating Blogposts
01:48:28 Newsletter MailChimp Setup
01:51:43 Importing About & Contact Pages
01:55:05 Header & Footer
02:00:22 Final Theme & WPCF Settings

Note: Some of the above links are Affiliate Links, Which Means I earn Some Commission through that Which helps me Keep Making these Free Videos for You.

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40 comentarios

  1. Charly Kitey

    I am in the process of setting up a platform like this. And I would like to translate the module into French. All is well except the texts (Days remain, Backers and funders) which until now are in English. Anyone know how to help me please?


    Do we have to do leagal formalities too for different things like tax exemption etc

  3. Jaya Mor

    Great content! Do I need a domain name registered before I signup for the hosting site (siteground)?

  4. Dhanraj Upadhyay

    hi nayyar, you make verry informative videos , i have a question in this crowdfunding website how will user as well as website admin will be notified if there is any donation or campaign activity going on like

    1- i would like to receive a mail as website-admin if any new campaign is created or it is in draft
    2- once I publish the campaign, user should receive a mail that your campaign is been published/live
    3- if admin dispaprove the campaign , user should be notified that the campaign is been disaproved
    4- if donor donates to user campaign, user must be notified wit a mail that a new donation is made, aswell as donor should get a mail

    can you help me with the following issues, or suggest a plugin for this

  5. Telesphore Ekka

    I am very happy to know about it. Would you able to help me to develop a website for my organization?

  6. DistinctITProduction

    Can I use elementor and oceanWP with this plugin ?

  7. Tosh Haider

    Sayyidina Tamim Ad-Dari (RA) reported that the Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) said, "Whoever recites ten times (the Kalimah): I bear witness that there is no God but Allah (SWT), Who is Alone, Who has no partner. The One God, only One, Independent, Who has neither taken a wife nor children, and there is none equal to Him, then Allah (SWT) will record for him (the reward) of forty million good deeds. [Tirmidhi]

  8. Rahul Huilgol

    Hi Nayyar, didn't see the logo appear on your site. I am not able to customize to get my logo either. Any suggestions?

  9. Reinherts

    Hi, following your tutorial but i seem to have a problem. The website does not include check out option when someone creates a project from the front end. What could be the issue? Thank

  10. Ron Harris

    Nice work Nayyar! You are a natural teacher! Thanks so much for your efforts. Can I ask you if you can do a video on how to integrate Community Builder in such as site. Thanks

  11. Top Ideas List

    How add mandatory a adhaar verification option for new capegn in crowdfunding website

  12. 5dnews business

    Hello, thank you very much for the video.
    I bought the premium version of the theme and I didn't realize that to create more than one reward you need the pro version of wp crowdfunding..
    and the pro version cost 149 usd per year..
    Do you know if we can unlock that? if not the theme doesn't make any sense.

  13. OuttaBox

    Hi, can you make a website for collecting funds for a cause?

  14. Achi Singh

    bro if someone deposits money so can he upload from any gateway

  15. Kashish Meliwal

    it is not creating default pages like CF dashboard, CF campaign form, CF listing pages, CF user registration when install krowd – crowdfunding & charity wordpress theme, please help

  16. universallearners

    Can I create contestants website with this theme and plugin?

  17. Kashish Meliwal

    If we need an admin account who can approve campaigns submitted by users, how can we create that in such website. Please help

  18. Not For Profit

    Hi, i want to produce like the website. What i have do. Please let me know.. If i want to use your demo Version, do i make it as i like to.?

    I saw the whole video. But it too first for layman like me. But i want this kind of fund raising website. So, how i can able to take your kind guidence steo by step.

  19. film star Sylheti

    Please make website like "Tutor Bird". Please please

  20. Arithmind

    I love all your tutorials. It is only your videos I watch on youtube when it comes to website. Please and Please, Can you do a tutorial on loan website where people can access for for loan

  21. Emmy UD

    plsi love your videos , how do build esusu website?

  22. Pleasured Music

    Brother please help me please, i tried so many times on envato market to buy a desired theme but every time they locked out my envato account. Please give me a favour can you buy a theme for me i wil pay you the theme price. Reply me please its urgent please..

  23. Debadatta Sahoo

    Can you make a website like 1mg or netmed.


    Sir on housez theme how many listing can we add on both featured and simple
    Pls help sir 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  25. Sagar Joshi

    Hi u r great teacher. Can u make videos on flutter mobile app development please.

  26. Reinherts

    Hello, thanks for the tutorials. I have watched both this and the Patrios theme for fundraising. Which theme between Patrios and Krowd would you recommend for fundraising site like Kickstarter?

  27. Free Music & Video

    Mr Nayyar sir when are you upload in hindi version..

  28. Chiraag

    Hey please make a video on how to make full functioning pet grooming website

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