How To BRAINWASH Yourself For Success & Destroy NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! | Tony Robbins

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Jay Shetty sits down with Tony Robbins to talk about what it truly means to take care of yourself and your body. Often, when we’re young and full of energy, we become fearless, we become risk-takers, we become someone who can do anything and can be anything. But going down this path, without paying attention to our health and what our body needs to stay in shape, our body ages rapidly, we get sick, we become weak.

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life & business strategist. He has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars. For more than four and a half decades, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Tony’s business and personal development events.

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What We Discuss:
00:00 Intro
02:30 Being 31 years old and was diagnosed with a brain tumor
11:03 Why do we wait to experience pain before we decide to change?
16:42 The different genes that work magic in our body
26:27 Tools and exercises to help build more energy
33:32 What is the greatest human mindset and skill?
40:58 Three decisions we make in our life
48:55 Your focus is controlled by your values and belief systems
55:36 The mindset that should keep nurturing
01:02:01 What do you look for in a friend?
01:04:00 Latest breakthroughs in medical science
01:18:41 Tony on Final Five

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20 comentarios

  1. ѕнση∂α вєℓℓα

    That is the one thing that is sadly absent in this world – a true heart of giving. If everyone had a giving heart just imagine how the world would be.

  2. David Vandamme

    Hey Tony, you are the person that I respect the most on earth and I can assure you that. But in this video, you are claiming that you benched 525lb… I personnaly am an athlete, I've been trainning for 11 years now I'm 6"5, 26 years old, 225lb, again you inspire me a lot to be the person I am today. I bench press every week since a lot of time, this is my favorite exercise where I think I perform really well for someone natural. My best on a flat bench press is 310 for now, aiming to do 315 by the end of the summer I hope. You're claiming you can do 525…. I have done a lot research on your physic and training and to claim something like that would be really nice if you can prove it, I know it's a performance from the past, but to see you on a bench press would be really nice, I'm so confused about you claiming that you bench 525, this would mean you can for sure become the strongest bench presser of all time, knowing Julius Maddox is the current record holder at 782lb bench press for 440-460 body weight. I want to finish by saying that again, you are my number one inspiration ever. But this thing I just heard and made research justade me a little bit sceptical about the fact maybe something you add a little bit too much butter on top of the pancake I would say. This is the first and only time I'm sceptical on one of your saying. Good bye and take care of you who ever read that. Keep listening to those great podcasts!!

  3. Manifestation Master

    I love Tony ❤️

    Where focus goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, whatever you’re focusing on grows.

  4. Blake Barker

    He is wrong. I have no significance in life and I don't aim for recognition. He said as humans we will do anything to achieve those 4 needs and I don't no anything to achieve anything.

  5. Josh

    Tony Robbins, is a true BLESSING. I love his content, his mindset, and his overall outlook on life etc etc etc. He totally reminds me of MYSELF overall.

  6. D. W. N.

    Gosh. Smiling ear to ear seeing Jay interviewing the mighty Tony Robbins. Congratulations Jay. 👏🏽

  7. Renee Thomas

    Love Tony alwasy, #brainwire the fastest brain wash, in minutes not weeks and months. its really a game changer…for real!! I learned because it turned out I had a brain tumor and did have brain surgery… today I would have done differently. I would have tried to do what I know now. Anyhow I was having awful pain called TM because of the tumor they felt. And that compelled me to search and I found brain rewiring. And the pain did go away before the surgery, I was doing big time mental work. Anyway I learned release any self talk about health that is anything. buy you have excellent healthy! #brainwire allows you to make mental shift as if you are using a backhoe instead of a shovel to dig a hole.

  8. MsProverbs31NYC

    I love that don’t fold in the winter – Tony Robbins ‼️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Yamali Sri Hari Kasi Viswanatham

    Don't hide the amount I will pay income tax last 40 years no need suffer it is part on my help to poor human it is need do it my self I will pay indian income tax with my heart full pay the tax 40 years experience it not wasted to me .

  10. And Gugu

    why these successful people like tony or Grant Cardòne have this voice of a guy who drank for half life? 😀😀😀

  11. Md Nornobi

    The acoustic lung ophthalmoscopically pull because coal positionally scorch astride a giant viola. neat, festive break

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