History of Steve Jobs (Full Documentary)

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Jobs was one of the most innovative and influential entrepreneurs of our time. He left a legacy that will be marveled over and studied for decades. Despite his humble beginnings, Jobs was able to build the most valuable brand in the world and revolutionize several industries. His identity was so intertwined with Apple’s, that when he resigned, many predicted the company’s decline. Claiming they’d no longer be able to innovate without their visionary leader. But many people failed to recognize the most crucial gift Jobs left behind. His philosophy. Discover the story behind Steve Jobs rise to success, and how he left behind one of the greatest legacies of our time.

Script written with the help of Edward Muldrew. Check out his channel here:

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Video contents:
00:00 Growing Up
00:11:56 Creating Apple
00:22:27 Jobs’ Exit
00:33:34 Jobs’ Return
00:43:45 Apple’s Revival
00:55:06 Jobs’ Final Act

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20 comentarios

  1. Apple Explained

    In case you’re curious, this video was removed and reuploaded due to a copyright dispute with the initial release.

  2. MidnightSundowns

    I appreciate Jobs, but man, I can't help but feel like he lucked out so many times throughout his life that he may have never realised. Too many people with great ideas get stuck living paycheque to paycheque and can never, "delete" money long enough to start really putting their ideas to practice. Jobs lucked out hard by deleting money in his 20's… Granted after getting let go from Apple he could have easily just faded away, the second come back of his that lead to Apple is the thing of business legends… And to be honest, Jobs is one of the rare business stories that doesn't always focus solely on his wealth. I hate it when you see these, "motivational" things (videos and such) that always focus on, "… and now they're worth X billion dollars" further making money the end goal. Apple tried to make money the end goal and they nearly went bankrupt.

  3. Livvvid

    They need to do a TV series on all the early tech guys. Ten seasons of jobs,bill,woz ect

  4. Coe 24K

    Thumbs Up…. If you’re watching this documentary on your iPhone 📱

  5. Right Productivity

    Becoming extremely successful people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg has been the dreams of millions of people around the world…

    But the real question is, Is it really possible for someone to become those legends.

    Let's find out in this video…

  6. osiris Blanche

    I REALLY wish they stop saying "IF it wasn't for A – there wouldn't have been B" in these types of scenario. Like, DUH. EVERYTHING IN LIFE is about this.

  7. Girly Girl

    They definitely need to teach this in school these kids need to know where these products come from and what it takes to keep this World connected❣️

  8. The Lord Of Nothing

    I saw Steve last in person at the reveal of the iPhone.

  9. Jianfa Tsai

    Human life is scientifically limited – policemen, military men, royalties, CEOs, billionaires, doctors, criminals, bosses, your enemies, yourself, your loved ones, and any human will live, grow old or die suddenly the next minute or 88 years later.

  10. Martin Shaw

    8:26 What the hell? 9/11 guy behind them. Easter egg added by Apple Explained? Cannot be real

  11. 구정회

    United State is well known as land of opportunity
    Many of the people from the United State have changed the world and brought of reformation what world needed the most

    For instance person like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Hen Ford and many
    I pereonally think if these brilliant intelligent groups wasn't raised from the United State dobt it they would never have been accomplished the mission that brought up reformation world needed the most

    America United State this land of the opportunity made them possible to accomplished the mission that no other brilliant intelligent groups from other countries could not accomplish

    This is the main reason why United.State of America is the greatest country in the man kind history

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