Historians Take A First Draft At Trump's Presidency

Historians Take A First Draft At Trump's Presidency
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Historians Take A First Draft At Trump's Presidency

Presidential historian Julian Zelizer joins Morning Joe to discuss the new book ‘The Presidency of Donald J. Trump’ along with his latest reporting in The Atlantic on a meeting with the former president.

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Historians Take A First Draft At Trump’s Presidency
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19 comentarios

  1. PowertheSun

    If Trump runs again, I personally will prepare for the worst event I see that will happen from that. I will also be one of the "protestors" he'll have arrested and probably shot for being "a terrorist".

  2. Koda

    Has any reporter suggested to loser-citizen Trump that he sit down with them and watch video of Jan. 6? He could even do the 'colour-commentating'; explain the peaceful and loving moments that the rest of us must have overlooked. Would be quite a story, I'm sure. 🤔

  3. Shawn Huston

    trumph can try to run, but it will go no where. The American people voted to never go back to that kind of leadership.

  4. rocketfighter8

    Trump: Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?

  5. Oat Meal

    Joe Biden is certainly the most appropriate representative of the Democrat party. You'd be hard pressed to find a more accurate representation.


    yeah… the country is much better now under sippy cup joe….I woud'nt trust the bidens with car keys

  7. Emanuel Mota

    If Trump is not in prison and he and the Republicans win in 2024 they will re-write history, pardon all of Trump's co-conspirators, and destroy democracy in this country. We CAN NOT let that happen.

  8. Emanuel Mota

    After all this time it's still not clear whether Donald Trump is insane, criminally insane, or just plain evil. The smart money is on the latter.

  9. EarlClue

    his admitted NEGLIGENCE has cost 995,000 AMERICANS their lives

  10. Bill Lynn

    Why don't they ever say anything about the police that were killed

  11. EarlClue

    10 felony cases of OBSTRUCTION, which would of easily proved his WHOLE presidency was fraud and theft

  12. Punker at the Casbah

    Trump divided the United States of America most ever single day as a strategy, as if Putin had done it himself. Right wingers think Godly of Trump, and Reagan, the other to destroy this country in the name of corporate greed and tax cuts for the wealthy as a economic plan. . The right wing needs a new institution that don't include GOP opinion hosts such as Hannity & Trucker. Todays right wing were eating horse dewormer over FDA approved vaccines just month ago. Total insanity, and the right wong can't wait for more as the country was totally torn apart. No matter who oftern Fox News is wrong, that are right with the right. Different realities have been created and the right are convinced the entire planet is wrong except for Fox News. Total insanity

  13. bingus bingus

    The book Sucks. Just like Trump did in the 4 years in office. I dont care how rich that clown is. I'm sick of seeing and hearing a man that fed off the people's anger at the Virus he did nothing about. So whats he do plan the attack on the Capital.

  14. TD

    Trump had The best economy, lowest unemployment, didn’t get us into any wars, got NATO to pay their fair share, helped the VETERANS, should I go on?

  15. Lars Kvam

    Worst President of all time elected by the worst Americans of all time

  16. Bruce Bryant

    I'm sure historians will remember that Trump SURRENDERED our military forces in Afghanistan to a rag-tag bunch of heathens… The only president to do so…yup, Trump loves to be #1.

  17. Bruce Bryant

    Even when Trump is indicted, tried and convicted, his base will still call it FAKE NEWS…
    You just can't help some folks…

  18. Delano Brown

    Republicans will win the midterms but they will lose the general election.

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