Frenchy Coffee Crowdfunding

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Introduction of the Frenchy Coffee Project for the Crowdfunding!
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What are the most epic fails and the biggest successes of #coffee projects on #kickstarter?

Crowdfunding is a popular way to bring new coffee products on the market. However, there is no guarantee for backers to ever receive their products. We analysed 3 great and 3 very bad examples of coffee projects on Kickstarter.

1 [fail] ZPM Espresso Machine (1:41)
2 [fail] Bonaverde (2:32)
3 [fail] Rite Press (3:22)

1 [success] Fellow (4:21)
2 [success] ACAIA (5:25)
3 [success] Goat Story (6:22)

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24 comentarios

  1. Cafeterra

    I also build a prototype of coffeemachine, but I did not ask for money on Kickstarter

  2. keithpp1

    The English for the title is not wrong. What is wrong is that it does not mean what it says. It should be coffee products not coffee.

  3. Stefan Sigfinnsson

    Fellow Duo Coffee Steeper.

    Success. I don't know. It's now discontinued after just around 5 years in production and 2 models lunched. Must be a reason for that.

    I have one that I got for aprox 7$ at a charity store(version 2 with the smaller cone filter). Would I pay over 99$ for it ?



    1. Easy to brew with

    2. Versatile

    3. Keeps the temperature pretty stable during immersion.

    4. You can brew and pour without cleaning in beetwen.


    1. Very heavy and unbalanced in your hand when pouring.

    2. Screwing stainless steel to a glass makes it easy to break if you are not careful.

    3. Messy and time consuming clean up. More than any other brewmethod I've tried.

    4. Takes up lot of space on your kitchen counter.

    5. Very expensive.

  4. dsmpampis

    I received my Rite press at the time the project said, maybe because it is the “basic” model but it does the job quick good. Ok, maybe for 50€ it’s overrated but it’s a solid French press and I’m gonna say better than a Bodum that cost 40€.

  5. dinodinosaur

    Funny, I get hit with ads of the three success stories almost every day. I have a Fellow Prismo. Seriously thinking of getting the Acaia Pearl. On the fence with the Gina because I can't justify another brewer in my pantry

  6. Waison Chen

    I think Cafflano and Espro would be two other coffee success stories, too!

  7. Keekee Jenkins

    Orenda/Auroma took kickstarter money and "preorder" sales of their website. Never saw a dime of a refund and the founders disappeared after about a year of excuses and advertisements. Zero repercussions for these people. Should be "how to use advertising for thievery"

  8. Bram Michaël Christiaens

    I pre-baught coffee from Maria, a marginalised coffee farmer in El Salvador. Through the Filter Stories podcast I got to know about her farm and her cup of excellence crop.
    As a small farmer it's hard fer her to find buyers who give her a fair price. Thanks to James she did. He connected us, the customers to her coffee and bought a lot directly. I wish there were more projects like this. I want to buy coffee directly from the farmer. I want my money to go to the origin.

  9. Thomas Koch

    I supported Gina and I am very happy with it. Would have also liked to support the ikawa home roaster back then

  10. Tom Chips

    The Invergo brewer should be on the list. I recall they fleeced backers on both Kickstarter and Indegogo. Odd thing about the Bonaverde brewer, a few of them were sold on Craigslist here in San Francisco last year, new in box.

  11. Marcelo Vargas

    Great video, very good info, i was missing what guys think of every product, beside just naming them

  12. Bruce Pappas

    Can you do a video on Indiegogo coffee failures and successes?

  13. ajayalmighty

    Would have also been nice to know WHY these products failed/succeeded…

  14. Chris Russ

    I think the Ikawa roaster was launched in Kickstarter

  15. Richard Perriss

    I actually received my Rite Press and it works fine.
    Curious about the upcoming Oomph 2.0. Liked the concept of the original Oomph, but could never get the coffee to taste ‘right’.

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