EP#301 How to Crush Crowdfunding With Nalin Chuapetcharasopon

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Thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Nalin Chuapetcharasopon is the founder of Crush Crowdfunding and she’s come on the podcast today to share with you how she would go about launching an entirely new campaign.

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Join TEN Capital Network and Ben Kromnick of Fundify on understanding Crowdfunding and how it can benefit you and your startup.

About this event
Join TEN Capital Network and host, Ben Kromnick of Fundify, to learn how to navigate equity crowdfunding from picking the right portal for you, identifying your crowd, activating your community and converting your investors while navigating the compliance landscape.

About our guest:

Ben is the VP of startups at Fundify, a new and fast growing Equity Crowdfunding platform headquartered in Austin, but lives in San Francisco where he led Product and Strategy at number of successful Startups in the healthcare, big data, and ML segments prior to joining Fundify.

Before diving into the startup space as an operator, advisor, and investor he worked for Deloitte AI and Plantronics. Ask him about his French Bulldog named Queso, Medieval European history, or the Philadelphia Eagles!

Fundify is a fast growing Equity Crowdfunding platform with the mission to Simplify Startup Funding for Startups and Investors.
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