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Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are hugely popular today for new business ideas and new product ideas. We’re personally helped clients get funded more than 0,000 on these platforms. One even hit ,000,000! So what’s the 8 best tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign? Let’s break it down.

Tip #1 – Create a great 2-3 minute video that is essentially the “trailer” of your product. Should be a solid overview and tell the story. Also, you should create 2-3 short video ads you can run leading up to your crowdfunding campaign going live. They can also be used to remarket to people interested.

Tip #2 – Product photography needs to be really professional and high quality. Don’t have a prototype? Create 3D renders!

Tip #3 – Design your crowdfunding product page to look really nice, with nice graphics, great content, etc.. so it stands out and tells your story, product specs, FAQ, etc.

Tip #4 – Capture email addresses as part of your pre-marketing campaign to alert those interested of when your campaign goes live. The goal is to build a huge list! This way, once the campaign goes live you can email the list and get instant demand and funding rolling. Then, you can drip email them with updates as the campaign goes on. Ask them to share!

Tip #5 – Issue press releases to go out to popular news outlets ahead of the campaign to get the word out!

Tip #6 – Determine your pre-launch campaign budget and your best ad channels! We suggest 20% of your funding goal as a budget.

Tip #7 – Make sure you have a strong presence on social media.

Tip #8 – Make sure you have the team and technology you need in place to execute everything!

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  1. Beast

    good video! I wonder how much 1M or more kickstarters will invest in marketing

  2. Brad Houston

    Thanks for the info man!
    Appreciate it


  3. Sam Ting

    Can a project listed on both kickstarter and indiegogo at the same time?

  4. Exo.Audio

    Do you offer a service manage and promote my indiegogo campaign?

  5. BeSaucy

    Hi Guys, I have been watching your videos which have helped me create my campaign. We just launched on Kickstarter last week and I wanted to ask if you have the time to take a look @t Any advice is hugely welcome. Thank you

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