Crowdfunding: How to Effectively Research Other Projects

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KS Lessons Full List – Chronological

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  1. David Diaz

    These are great little addendums to your blog posts Jamey. Thanks for taking the time to make them. I read this blog post of yours back in February and have since backed 13 projects on Kickstarter. For must I just pledged a dollar but for 4 of them I will actually receive the game. I definitely learned a lot from following the campaigns and reading through the comments. By following a variety of game projects I was able to see many facets of different campaigns that I liked and disliked. I even followed one that was ultimately cancelled, which in itself was a good lesson on a campaign that was run before the creator was truly ready. I'm really looking forward to receiving the games, especially the 3 that come with miniatures, since the design I'm focused on now contains miniatures. Thanks again for the great advice.

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