Crowdfunding for a Business Startup

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Kickstarter Launch Formula:
Equity Crowdfunding Explained:

Wanna raise money for a business or a startup?

You can now use crowdfunding to get funding for a new business venture. Tons of other entrepreneurs are using it to supercharge their company.

In this video, I share with you two types of crowdfunding and how you can leverage these to finance your startup.

Salvador Briggman

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20 comentarios

  1. Tony Laycock

    What is the best way to get funding for a startup in Construction?

  2. Nikita Willemse

    Hi everyone how can i start crowd funding because i need funds so that i pay the university i have outstanding debt now i cannot resume my studies

  3. WarringMusic

    Can you provide crowded funding campaigns you have personally launched successfully? Thanks.

  4. Sheila O

    What if I want to start a podcast and interview celebrities?

  5. HelloSharky

    Great video. For those who invest on the equity cf platforms, I do live deal analysis on the channel. Also helpful to founders in order to understand how angel investors look at deals. Keep up the good work!


    hello. i am reuben, i own a software startup in Cameroon, and i will love to grow my company with the help of crowdfunding
    but i don't know how to get about it

  7. Raymond Jordanv

    I am in the fashion space and need to do a crowdfund. What platform do you recommend to find a contractor to adequately take on this task for me?

  8. Terri Eyre

    Just submitted myself for review for my business however a bit unsure what the outcome will be. I have had a look at others on there and they are asking for a lot of money where as I am only asking for funding of £1,500 for the equipment to start making my products as a small business. Do you think this is going to effect me getting approved?

  9. Love With Adrish

    Can we start crowdfunding for a company before registering the business?

  10. GPa and Girl Power!

    Great basics for getting started. Hoping to raise enough money to focus fulltime on our GPa and Girlpower channel and (soon) podcast and other production products

  11. Capcoor

    I have a music publishing company. What is the best way for me to crowdfund for that?

  12. Josephine Sedillo

    How can I get funds for a non-profit? idea's

  13. Glascock Media

    Do you think a very small boutique hotel would work on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? TIA, and thanks for the free videos.

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