Community Shares & Crowdfunding: Everything you need to know

Community Shares & Crowdfunding: Everything you need to know
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Find out all you need to know about how to run a community share issue for your community project and how to engage your community with crowdfunding.

In this online Webinar you will discover :

– What projects are using community shares ( from pubs, to community newspapers to local swimming pools )

– The 5 crucial steps you need to undertake to get your project live

– How they put together their offer

– How they engaged the local community online and offline. 

– How they crowdfunded their projects

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If you are logged in with a Gmail account, you will also be able to ask questions about you specific projects in our questions and answers section.

Crowdfunding for your community pub - Webinar

Looking to raise funds to buy your local community pub. This online workshop will take you through the step by step actions needed.

About this Event

An increasing number of communities are turning to crowdfunding as a way of raising the funds needed to setup their own community pub or shop.

This online workshop will take you through the steps that successful project take to raise the funds they need.

You will see lots of examples and hear about how they actually raised the funds.

You will learn about

1. Planning your project – how to tell your story, explain your plan and creating engaging copy, images and video.

2. Promoting your project – how to ensure that you reach enough people, how the work starts long before your project and how social media and offline channels combine to help you reach your target.

Who is running the session

This session is being run by Phil Geraghty – Phil is a leading authority on community crowdfunding, having launched and managed the growth of the UK’s leading rewards crowdfunding platform,

Under Phil’s leadership, Crowdfunder has helped 25,000 businesses, social enterprises, co-operatives, charities and individuals raise over £60m.Phil has also raised over £3.5M for his own business through Equity Crowdfunding and has over 2000 shareholders.

Phil has personally worked with many of the community share issues that have raised on Crowdfunder, who have now raised over £11M.

This workshop is being run in conjunction with Crowdfunder and The Plunkett Foundation and is funded by the More than a Pub programme
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