Blue Crowdfunding project- Boosting the Blue Economy through crowdfunding (Interreg MED project)

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As citizens, authorities and governments become more conscious of the climate change, the importance of preserving our oceans and “blue” resources has gain more attention that before. This is why blue economy is at the center of the Blue Crowdfunding project, that has just launched its first promotional video.

Renewing and promoting the blue economy is a great challenge and an excellent opportunity for the Mediterranean region. The sectors of the blue economy are vital components of the regional economy and provide significant innovation and wealth potential.

Through crowdfunding, initiatives in the Blue Economy sector can access funding for their campaigns. Furthermore, crowdfunding can help to test and develop innovative blue economy products and services. Therefore, one of the main objectives of the project is to expand the knowledge about crowdfunding at institutional, business and citizen level.

Discover more about the project and join us:
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