Behind the Scenes: Kung Fury Short Film

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A hack back to behind the scenes!

Edited by: Kaisa Berg
Camera: Leopold Nilsson
Video Rating: / 5

Kung Bloopers mixed with a Deleted Scene!
Video Rating: / 5

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40 comentarios

  1. Brandon Shofner

    You gotta respect a dude for paying to have a role in a movie who's whole role is having his mustache made fun of before getting crushed by a tiger tank.

  2. CoralCopperHead

    "Shadow the Hedgehog is a bitch ass motherf-"
    Oh wait, wrong show.

  3. M B

    I know everything went weird with the funding, but keep the faith a bunch of us are still really looking forward to this.

  4. Mi SterLeGuan

    Thumbnail: watch out Kung Fury, the green ninja is behind you and he is going to use a wind attack!

  5. Arcade Alchemist

    where is KF2 ? and don't blame a fictional virus

  6. Eteru Silvers

    Look. Lets be real now. This is what the internet was made for. Could make this a TV series. Looking at you Netflix

  7. mistirion

    These guys embody the spirit of movies.
    Make something not because you make money of it, make something because you love it, you want to make people happy and you want to do something that you're incredibly good at.
    What a dream these guys realized, we all have to take notes here (not necessarily in the film industry but in general

  8. Jack B

    Let's be objective: The reason there's no Kung Fury 2 right now is the same reason the Black Dynamite sequel hasn't come out yet, either:

  9. Synthwave Lover

    Hope we get Mitch Murder back on for the second movie

  10. CreatureConnor

    Hitler has so many funny lines that didn't make the final cut! 🤣

  11. Fukurou Yoru

    I've got a historical fun fact for y'all: the whole 'you all get free cars… just kidding, we're going to war instead' thing around 3:20? Yeah, that ACTUALLY happened. Hitler totally did exactly that. Look into the history of the Volkswagen Beetle: Hitler's government commissioned the cars from Ferdinand Porsche, advertised them to the German people, issued stamp books to pay for one on ordinary worker's salaries in a bit less than four years, and spent about four years developing the design and building the factory. Then nobody actually got the cars they saved and paid up front for, and the big factory built military Kubelwagens out of the ready parts until the Allies bombed it.

  12. Grimmer2006

    2:04 isnt that close to the bridge (almost under it) in Karlberg Stockholm?

  13. Ricardo Moreira

    2:20 "Somebody with the Corona…"???

    I always knew the Coronavirus was Nazi-Made 😀

  14. Hajimebussiness

    God damn it Hitler knew about Corona before it all started!

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