4 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startup Capital

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Hey everybody, today I go over 4 of the best crowdfunding sites for startup capital! These are all great options for you to consider if you’d like to raise money for your business. I start off the video with Indiegogo which is a great website for you to try out since it’s Worldwide. I know we have a decent amount of Indian subscribers, so Indiegogo is a perfect crowdfunding site for India and every other country in the world. Hopefully you take something of value and good luck!

1. https://indiegogo.com
2. https://republic.co
3. https://kickstarter.com
4. https://www.crowdsupply.com/

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  1. ThePlagueDoctor

    What would you recommend for a business that would provide a service? I’m trying to start a charter fishing company if that helps.

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  3. robert yarbrough

    Great/ interesting content and a super hot host 🥵, don’t worry I’ll be back for more videos.

  4. Najwa Kreem

    thanx for sharing your video…I need trust crowdfundind to star my business…almost website for Europe only….I am love in Arabic country….please…If you know trust website funding Arabic countries write it's link…I need help…
    thanks again brother….

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