3 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startup Capital (2021)

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Crowdfunding is a fantastic new-age way to raise startup capital for your business, Today I’ll be making my case as to why Kickstarter, Fundable, and Indiegogo are the 3 best sites to grow funds for your idea. They all have their own unique pros and cons, so wat h this video to see which you prefer.
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Wondering what the best crowdfunding website is? Which one is best for your project, fundraiser, or cause?

In this video, I’m going to discuss what I think the best crowdfunding website is out there, along with one or two extras that you should consider if you want to raise money online.

Each crowdfunding website is different, so it’s hard to say which one is best. That’s like saying that a hammer is better than a wrench. They are just different tools that are used for different jobs.

However, I’ll do my best to narrow this down for you. Hope you enjoy it.

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23 comentarios

  1. Ibrahim asli

    A lot of people with high IQs are terrible investors because they've got terrible temperaments. You need to keep raw, irrational emotion under control

  2. Hogchief

    I heard that people watch these crowdfunding sights to steal ideas, is that true?

  3. Haru Natu

    I don't know how to use crowdfunding but I want to borrow money to help my friend. He is an American and
    can't pay the money to his lawyer. And try to find the money since March. He needs 40,000 usd . please help

  4. Hood Boyz

    Great video. Short sentences with 100% info so thanks for that!

  5. Diniyal Davidson.

    Your video is simple and best… keep it up…

  6. Christ Follower

    By the way… your video was very helpful and concise! Thank you so much!😊

  7. Christ Follower

    Hello😊 I have a product idea and a working prototype but have no idea how to manufacture it… nor do I have the funds.

    I feel like if I make a video getting people interested is the easy part. I had interest from Shark Tank but wasn't picked for the show probably because I only had a janky homemade prototype.

    Crowdfunding could fix my money problem but I don't know the first thing about manufacturing.

    Should I figure it out before I try to launch a campaign? Or would all the attention a campaign could give the product lead to the "how" in manufacturing?

    Thank you😊

  8. Cartoon, Kids,

    My name is SAMEER.
    My country is INDIA
    Can I use this website?
    Please help me.

  9. Raja Raja

    MB 7619271023

  10. OBEY

    Thanks Salvador, your videos are very informative and they have helped to demistify the scary thought of asking for money. I've noticed that you will quite often encouage rewards or incentives for a campaign and your even an affiliate for Fulfillrite. The thing is, I would love to offer a reward or an incentive for donations to my project but my campaign isn't offering a product or even starting a business with anything to offer. My campaign is all about startiting a business who's primary purpose is to provide opportunities for youngsters with learning difficulties.

  11. Henry Samuel

    Check eCrowdFundr, one of the best Crowdfunding readymade scripts for fin-tech startups to launch website easily. It almost matches Kiva.

  12. Gilbert Stanley

    Great video!
    We using eCrowdFundr https://ecrowdfundr.com/ – The fintech platform for Peer-to-Peer banking.
    P2P (Peer-to-Peer) lending and borrowing
    Crowdfunding & donationware
    Fundraising campaigns for community, charity and political parties
    eCrowdFundr is a organization that allows people to lend/donate money via the Internet to borrower/fundraiser. eCrowdFundr mission is "to connect people through lending/donate to alleviate poverty

  13. Ciaran Dees

    great video maybe you can help me I would like some advice as to to setting up a fund me to help others renovate their homes I have put a video up on my you tube chanel if you would like to take a look and maybe make a video on how to go about it.
    Thanks Sal

  14. Ronald ThyeSiang 陈大翔

    Please make a video on the recent change in Indiegogo which does not support worldwide crowdfund anymore. To crowdfund, you need to be legal residence and own a bank account in the selected few countries unlike last time.

  15. iris Valencia-Mujica

    I will love have your videos in Spanish.

  16. Rick Harold

    Awesome as always, thx for summary!
    Does Kickstarter and Indiegogo both provide the people who sign up email or ID so you know who signed up and in what order?

    Why….if you had rewards that order of sign up mattered then you would know ?

  17. Uk sewing machine service

    Nice one mate sounds great don 🤠🇬🇧👌👌👌👌👌

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