22 Selling Eskimo to Ice | Making of Lucia | Kannada Crowd Funded Film

22 Selling Eskimo to Ice  | Making of Lucia | Kannada Crowd Funded Film
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22 Selling Eskimo to Ice  | Making of Lucia | Kannada Crowd Funded Film

Making of Lucia

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Descubre cómo Lucía una emprendedora con pocos recursos, logró recaudar 1, 500 mil pesos para hacer realidad su sueño.
Conoce más acerca del financiamiento colectivo en nuestro país en el siguiente link: www.crowdfundingmexico.mx
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20 comentarios

  1. Anil Onamashetti

    Just completed all the bihind the scenes videos, Pavan Kumar sir is an inspiration 💙. Wow

  2. Ranjith shankar

    True inspiration, we get to learn a lot from these videos and master ourself in our field
    Hats off to you @Pawan

  3. akshay _ಅಕ್ಷಯ್

    Continues aagi 20-30 playlist iro astu videos noodidini ," wow" . ond movie aste better experience koodtu 👏💖 already fan of Sathish sir , from now I'm become fan of pavan Kumar sir also 😍😍

  4. Praveen P

    This was like a Documentary and Confidence to Young Filmmakers

  5. idiot professor

    Watching a Making of this movie…is inspiring me towards the direct the movie… seriously awesome Pawan sir I wish to get a chance to work wid u on ur nxt film…

  6. gopI Krishna

    These all 22 chapters are not making of lucia .They are like a complete film to seen. congrats AicuL .

  7. Entertainment Tec

    Hey Pavan Nija heli
    M9vie Realise admele
    Jana gala Reaction Nodi
    3Years pattid kasta sustu ella
    Full relax aytu alva within 5sec astralli

  8. Kaipu Subrahmanya Shastry

    I watched the entire set of videos in the playlist at one shot. It's like watching two movies – one is the actual movie and second is this playlist. This movie is the best of best. Proud to have the entire team in KFI.

  9. Pavan bs

    Even "making" is as entertaining as the movie… Keep making contents 🕺

  10. BNR vineS

    That last dialogue was your Love towards your wife …….happy to browse the youtube today have a long biochem assignment to do ………keep posting hero

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