10 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects of All Time

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Here are the top 10 most funded Kickstarter campaigns of all time.

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10 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects of All Time

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For this list, we’re taking a look at the strangest, most inventive and most impractical ideas that have ever been proposed on a crowdfundingwebsite (so far).

Special thanks to our user christo for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest

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40 comentarios

  1. Daniel P.


  2. S Bene

    Thumbs down just because you said tay-co cat and not taco cat.

  3. Miss Linh

    It's crazy that i have 3 of the items on this list

  4. SP Mask

    Lol. Not really successful if the companies got sued or had to file for bankruptcy.

  5. dead channel

    Anyone here when the FNF the full-ass game trailer came out?

  6. Victor Music

    A new entry: Friday night funkin the full ass game

  7. Nico S.

    I don’t need a fidget… I have a beard to play with 😎😅


    CyberMask live for you! Now True Animations!!Kickstarter!!!!@t

  9. river j

    What happens if your goal is reached and end up with more money?

  10. Carter Dartt

    What about bunch-o-balloons?!?! Extremely successful but ok

  11. Tzar Media

    Shawn Michaels HBK working on them solar panels .

  12. Michał Grzegorz Rzepka

    A nasza kampania właśnie ruszyła "Fix'n Wax wielofunkcyjna mikstura leśna" I nawet jest prawdziwa:)
    I link do filmiku: @x0J8

  13. Laurence Juilland

    Mach mit! Neu innovativ.

    Weltweiter Start der sensationell neuen Crowdfunding-Gemeinschaft (Schwarmfinanzierung per Spendenplattform). Geschlossenes geniales Spendensystem. Du kommst nur hinein, durch die Empfehlung eines Mitglieds! Einmal 100 Dollar spenden und dann selbst solange Spenden für deine eigene Kampagne erhalten – bis diese erreicht ist! Und wir sind die Ersten am Start! Die Platzierung in der 3er-Matrix wird nach Eingang der Reihenfolge zugeordnet. Daher umgehend registrieren…ich helfe gerne…

    Dich würde ich gern im Team haben

    Sei dabei, realisiere deine Träume, für Fragen, bitte mich direkt kontaktieren!

  14. Matthew Brantner

    just watched a vid today showing how ineffective the solar roads are. the vid has pics of the people who made them shoveling snow off of the panels that should have been melted by the panels themselves. also at a distance how hard it is to actually see the leds.

  15. David Goddard

    I saw the solar roadways thing and I thought it was literally the most genius idea

  16. Tucci Polo, Inc.

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  17. James Fry

    my money went on Minas Tirith i was going to be a lord, it would be great if someone did the same thing but with the shire instead i thing that would be a lot cheaper and easily built in comparison to Minas Tirith

  18. Jhonatan Ibarra

    The problema is that nothing of this is a useful think for humanity its not neccesary people are dying because of poor.are pedophiles rapist murdereres free animales are being slautered a live fuck América UNITEd states its the problem with fat kids súper bowls oscars where rich people vgive gold stautues to others rich people

  19. Jhonatan Ibarra

    América 1- Guadalajara 0 in the semifinal of the cop of México in soccer a great match tonight in la ciudad de México in the unique aztec stadium

  20. Sebastian Klassman

    Potato salad was a classic. The guy did actually end up making a recipe book. Although he never imagined that he would raise so much in funds. It shows you as well with crowdfunding that sometimes, you can make something out of nothing. While working at Thrinacia, I also came across bug a salt. I thought this was a neat invention.

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