WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech By Dr. Joe Dispenza

WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech By Dr. Joe Dispenza
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WATCH THIS EVERY DAY - Motivational Speech By Dr. Joe Dispenza

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WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech By Dr. Joe Dispenza

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20 comentarios

  1. Ellen Berg

    Meditation helps. The trick is to get the brain and body to corporate. I don´t know if this has anything at all to do with it all this subject train your brain with 4 practicing. 1. Train the none dominant hand, it is brain training that will give the neutral connection and help to stimulate the building of new brain cells. 2. Learn one new word every day. 3. Take a quick promenade. 4. Sit quietly for 10 minutes. I had done all these things during my rehabilitation years. It started with first learning to write and paint with no experience I just got that idea and thought what will happen to my development? Then I started to meditate every morning and then paint in mindfulness books. Paint with my none dominant hand and listen to music. Then I trained my body two times a day and also learned to do real push-ups. I could not do that at my younger age during my soccer game training. Last year I was at a museum alone just to do something else. I have been to that museum some times before but it is interesting to go to museums. I did more poems and also learned to sing in another language that I did not know so many words before or did not understand so much about before. I had a little lead because I had lived in another neighborhood country where they have some words that are the same.

  2. Tatiana Anatopolis

    This is wisdom! Great psychology healing reflections!

  3. Always Bullish

    Thank you ! Love and Light to you ! 🙏🤲❤🙏

  4. Lorri Heffner

    This guy makes a LOT of assumptions about what people do. I don’t follow those patterns at all.

  5. Scott Christian

    This of course is the little Gem I so much enjoyed and some wonderful light bulb moments & realizations of the reprogramming that I have moving forward with. It truly miraculous intuitive feeling when you on the right path of learning when you discover this video!

    This one one hit all the right buttons and just opened more doers!

    Much Appreciation Dr. ☀️🌈🦋


  6. Gma Posty

    Amen. READY to Bury the Negative Mind. Praying for Serenity & Rental of My Complete BEING

  7. Leon Jack

    This man just solved my 10+ year depression and increased my knowledge of my mind and body, in simple language in a 13 min video. 🧘🏿‍♂️🏞🌍☀️🪐🌠🌌🌐💯

  8. Dominic!! !!

    Investing make up the top notch hemisphere of the wealth. That's the more reason one should save and invest to secure profit and ensure success

  9. Gaerin Raj

    You are the best . I been doing more than 15years. I hope to change it.

  10. Praise Worship Music

    Beautifully done. We need more worshipers for His Kingdom worshiping in Spirit and in Truth. 🎶🙏🏼🎵🙏🏼🎹🎹 lets continue to seek His face, His heart and ways as we draw closer to Him in Worship.Thank you Lord Jesus! You are kind and good to us. Thank You for everything…the blessings, love, grace and abundant mercies. Amen ❤️💕💗

  11. D Skye

    listening to this… Great
    listening to this every morning… umm no

  12. L O

    Talk about a sudden profound mental change this morning watching this video, I had no idea I was constantly living in the past with my thoughts and wondered why I was unable to feel joy or excitement again or anything really, briefly I was able to step away from those thoughts listening to what was being said here and it felt amazing thank you

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