Warren Buffett: How to Make Money During Inflation

Warren Buffett: How to Make Money During Inflation
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Warren Buffett: How to Make Money During Inflation

This is about how to make money during inflation and how to invest during inflation. Inflation has been a concern for many people doing 2022 and 2021 as inflation causes your purchasing power to decrease over time. Based on interviews and letters from billionaire investor Warren Buffett, this video goes over how you as an investor should be investing during inflation to make money. The video describes investments including cash, bonds, stocks, gold, and real estate.

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Warren Buffett talks to students about money and investing, gives life advice, and answers good questions from the audience. This is one of the best Buffett’s speeches, and it took place in India.

Warren E. Buffett is an American investor, philanthropist, business tycoon, and the chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is considered one of the most successful investors in the world and has a net worth of over 100 billion dollars. Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He developed an interest in business and investing in his youth and made truly incredible stock market returns over his career.

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40 comentarios

  1. Williams John

    Investing today is priceless because tomorrow isn't promised, trading bitcoin, gold, silver or any other crypto secure a better tomorrow.

  2. Rob

    I bought a house a few months ago before the interest hike mostly as a place to settle. Figured long term 20-30 years from now it will be worth more.

  3. LyfOnwerJeff

    Great video. You meantioned you bought a house in 2020 and locked rates for 30 years. Thats not the case. You rate is only locked for 5 years at a time.

  4. Karen Ashley


  5. Todd D.

    hahaha,,, did he really say gold wasn't money? gggggglooobbbbalist

  6. santafro

    If, as you say during inflation the price of the “bulldozer” rises from $1m to $1.2m, the company who rents those bulldozers would also raise their rental prices.

  7. Benson

    man, so many scam comments in this video. It's annoying to see them all :/

    Please don't get scammed by these comments. They looks like conversation but it's just a bot.

  8. Irma Davis

    When it comes to investing, diversification is key, that’s why I engage in sectors based on projected growth. There’s no shortcut to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it.

  9. Sam's Performance

    Erm, can someone explain me those examples author gave as about business of renting equipment or selling white t-shirts. She says it's costs more over a time to produce a t-shirt 👕, but you keep same price of it. It's not how it is in real world – along with higher maintenance costs, higher rents prices, higher labor, your product raises in price as well. Today in 2022 plain tshirt doesn't cost $2 as it used to in let's say 2010. Prices of everything go up and this is how business owners are able to stay in business. Where am I wrong?

  10. Ron Dye

    Have to disagree with the assertion that buying a house with long term debt during times of inflation is wise. Houses are bought based on the ability to make the payments. At the START of the inflation cycle (now) house prices are high, as interest charged has been low. As interest rates increase, house prices drop in inverse proportion to interest increases. You will need to calculate that loss into your investment equation. Being in the trucking business in the 1970's, involved in a very capital intensive business, with little ability to raise prices, competing in a market with uneducated operators that did not figure in the cost of capital replacement or depreciating (worn out) assets was a losing proposition and I liquidated.

  11. Let's There Be Light

    All your money 💵💵💰 won't be enough to enter heaven 🙏

  12. Brown

    so this mf been making all our money during all the inflations in history 😛

  13. CryMe ARiver

    Didnt his company lose billions during the game stop scandal and now. We suppose to listen to him so he makes more money

  14. Hans Magnusson

    @ 11:40 ish. The software example finally explains why we still have the same vulnerabilities in software today as we had 20 years ago.

    And just a follow-up question: Why can we increase the price for a piece of software if we can't adjust for inflation for the T-shirt?
    Isn't there an assumption that the software is so unique that we have no competition together with customers who can't decommission it, ie a lockin effect?
    So more like the designer T-shirt with the Apple effect (loyal customer base or hype).

    Ah and question number two: if we are looking at software like a development environment I would argue that the price that you could charge for the license has changed. You also see more subscriptions today than you did say 30 years ago (I know but that is the 1990-ish).

    Oh yeah where did (IBMs) Lotus Notes go? Haven't seen it for a while?

  15. Venky Babu

    People have to educated in USA otherwise no no.

  16. Hossin Dosti

    Do you like writ behaind it and didn't send any where com doun you can see now com doun coca cola daelworld father

  17. Riad Khalil

    It’s going more up than stock market and crypto currencies

  18. นฤมล จงสวัสดิ์

    Long crash zero price in discount long sale.

  19. นฤมล จงสวัสดิ์

    Long crash zero price long product i. stock crash long discount in sale.

  20. นฤมล จงสวัสดิ์

    Long hight finance in expensive long vat long discount zero price in borrow rate in save finance.

  21. นฤมล จงสวัสดิ์

    Long price vat zero product interest use save forrest.

  22. นฤมล จงสวัสดิ์

    Long crash price in borrow crash in stop vat?

  23. Mohan Singh

    Mr warren you have to check these people who associate in the name of warren Bowie stock online investment buissness are looting people their address is Mauritius

  24. Kevin Vongsavath

    I love 💕 this .. He’s totally 💯 percent right .. 🤝😊🧘‍♂️

  25. Blake Koenig

    This guy has faith in the federal reserve, which leads me to believe he enjoys the Kool-aid!

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