Wallet by BudgetBakers introduction – the best features in 60 seconds

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Explore how Wallet works for you and what can you benefit from: Bank connections, Budgets, smart categorisation and more. Download Wallet for free and find out how you can improve your finances.

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20 comentarios

  1. Saszka

    Почему нет синхронизации с банком Millennium в Польше?

  2. Musthafa Ali

    Thank you, Make this into a short if time permits bro

  3. Jean Wilguens Gedeon

    How can I withdraw from it ? Can anyone help out

  4. Mohammed Azeem

    How to use the same account in another phone?

  5. Joko Supriyanto

    Good morning Schlumberger telkomsel plan plan

  6. UD MKS 14

    Assalamualaikum ka 🙏
    salam silaturahmi smoga sukses dan sehat slalu 🙏🙏

  7. Aditiya Kusumayanti

    Ya benar..hp saya di rusak dari jarak jauh sama warna warna begini………itu benar…..Terimakasih…..benar itu..

  8. Marco Caggianello

    si possono effettuare dei bonifici tramite questa applicazione?
    e vorrei capire come fare!!!

  9. Joseph Kody

    There is noting bad in it when you own your own trusted wallet app

  10. Tim Wilson

    How do I add my credit card details to the app!?

  11. Ricardo Costanzo

    Hola, como se carga una gasto en Cuotas?? muchas gracias!

  12. ผ่อนเพ็ญ น้อยบุ่งค้า


  13. Kefash White

    Why can't I add a budget using the desktop browser version?

  14. Maikeru

    Why you show ING Bank if you does not support it? 😀

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