The VIDEO GAME that DESTROYED the KICKSTARTER! | Crowdfunding documentary

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This is the story of how a single video game image that you never heard destroyed a 2x Kickstarters AND 3x IndieGoGos | The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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You will not believe how crazy this story gets! Without a doubt this is the craziest way that A Kickstarter failed!

If you want more details on this whole scenario click here…

The birth and death of a bike company: What happened to SpeedX?

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From a game with friends, to a nine-million dollar phenomenon.

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Many thanks to Yancey Strickler, Elan Lee, and TED for this interview we recorded at TED 2017.

Exploding kittens started of as a card game of Russian roulette with a hint of Old Maid between a group of friends. It turned into a national phenomena with the help of a crowd—a crowd that was built from folks on Kickstarter. But with incredible rewards of crowdfunding, there can be costly risks as well to putting out valuable ideas of products to the world before they actually get made. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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40 comentarios

  1. Personal Space

    Look at the insane amount of scrapped bikes.

  2. sheeple beeple

    You say this could either be the bikemakers pulling a stunt or a complete accident; my first thought is the users either using the app for a subtle protest or just outright trolling.

  3. Jordan Howell

    Hey man. I like your videos. But I swear dude.
    If I hear “ I WANNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE I WANNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE I WANNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE” one more time , I’m gonna loose my mind! Idk why you say you’re a DJ , but if you are an actual DJ then you should know that needs to go!.. if not, me or someone else can make you an original composition for a few of your next video intros ! Geez!!! 😂

  4. Gregorio J. Salazar Bibriesca

    Why are you not saying the correct name of where the massacre took place ?

  5. Bяаηdση ⲘⲓⲒⲒⲉⲅ

    That unicorn horn transition was awesome, made me laugh a good deal.

  6. Big Rico

    Another high quality video sir.
    Keep it up!!!!
    Ps loved the Peter M joke😁

  7. Coopersville

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  8. Kinglink Reviews

    Well of course Molineux isn't involved, if he was, Larry Bundy would be doing the voice over… possibly kicking down your door in the process.

  9. ᵗʰᵉNight★Star

    oh no… something happens to look like something else by pure coincidence. let's cancel everything.
    Seriously, this is stupid. That would be like if a popular movie came out only a short time after the events of 9/11 called "The Two Towers". Oh wait. It did. And nobody actually really cared. last time I checked Return Of The King didn't get cancelled.
    God people are oversensitive about the dumbest shit, sometimes.

  10. LSL

    I don't see how anybody could be upset seeing as how nothing of note happened on June 4, 1989 (according to the CCP).

  11. happninmojo

    00:49 huh, until this very moment I never noticed how much you bear a striking resemblance to someone who infamously writes Sonic fan fiction. It's uncanny.

  12. Alex Lorentzen-Cheeseman

    Since I hear you mention it hear, this is where I comment it. I watched so many Shredder's Revenge videos and have been a longtime subscriber. YouTube still took two days to show me your Shredder's Revenge title despite me literally searching for the game in the search bar and getting shown "relevant" videos with lower views that I wasn't even subbed to in that search. I don't know why YouTube isn't promoting your content 🙁

  13. UnjustifiedRecs

    Here again to ask that you look into the Obsidian 3d printer scam

  14. Yikes

    Raising money to make a infinite water source for Africa: 1 million dollars
    Some game about kittens exploding: 9 million dollars

  15. LP G

    Kickstarter should automatically assign a copyright or patten to the products when someone uses their service. I am sure there is a legal way to do it, and the ''starters'' would probably be okay to pay a small fee if necessary.

  16. Bushwick Polymath

    This was the least informative video about crowdfunding and kick starter I have ever seen

  17. FTW Tech

    Exploding Kittens may be my favorite card game of all time. But u have to get every possible expansion pack, like Imploding and Streaking Kittens.

  18. BlindingLight

    What kind of person goes to Kickstarter and steals the trademark of someone’s creation? Who??

  19. Henry Do

    Out of 637 comments, if you found my comment you're a legend:) Btw, I think my video is pretty useful if you want to get new avatars in exploding kittens so check it out if you want to:3

  20. Nur Hussain Nur Hussain

    Hi sir halp me crowdfunding pills help me I'm Adan pesls halp me sair I'm Nur Hussain pels halp me sair I'm account nambar 59099391615alabad bak nam Nur Hussain piles halp me

  21. Abdel Halim Chehab

    … but it says there, on the “Kickstarter” page, that “Kickstarter does not of itself provide any funding to any of the projects that it features”… I read that yesterday!

    Just kidding.

  22. Conor Carlson

    I'm loving this music! Does anyone know what it's called?

  23. Indonesiar

    You cannot beat The thirst of money from copycats in the people's Republic of China…

  24. A V Shree Anurag

    900,000th viewer.

    I know nobody gives a damn,but still!😌

  25. Mely

    Ok YouTube I finnaly watched it. It's not like you've been reccomending this to me for more then a month….wait what are u trying to tell me YouTube ?

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