The Real Truth: Exposing the Lies You are Being Sold – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki

The Real Truth: Exposing the Lies You are Being Sold – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki
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Rich Dad Co-founders Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by two of the best sources of information on the current economy – Nomi Prins, former Wall Street Insider and trusted friend, and Andy Tanner, the Rich Dad Advisor for Paper Assets. You will be exposed to the lies you are being sold as they discuss strategies to profit and protect your money! If you want hard-hitting truth and specific strategies that you can apply to your life right away – this is the event for you.

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Robert Kiyosaki CONFRONTS Grant Cardone & Cuts Interview Short: Cardone Capital Exposed!

Robert Kiyosaki CONFRONTS Grant Cardone & Cuts His Interview Short: Cardone Capital Exposed!


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39 comentarios

  1. eham

    Thank you Rich Dad Radio! Robert, I will take you out for lunch one day, you inspire me beyond words. -Erik

  2. Death Larsen

    that one rando guy is a LOON. tell him to take his Ritalin and Biden Krak Pipe. Nomi is awesome.

  3. A K

    For god sake can we stop with this bs narrative about everyone on main street getting free money especially when corporations are the biggest welfare queens? You can't tell people that they aren't allowed to earn a living and not pay them too! Other countries got far more than we did while we get shamed for something out of control. You wouldn't know main street if it robbed you blind.

  4. dan xrp

    Mr.kiyosaki thank you for your knowledge of hard assets like gold silver land real estate. Bernie sanders wants a copy of the communist manifesto 😆 🤣 😂.

  5. Turbomanonskyline

    You can see the hurt in Roberts divorce seen his ex-wife or still wife on the other side of the screen. He gave her too much leverage. We need to get him on testosterone replacement, hit the gym, just look at Jeff Bezos, he looks amazing. Robert can definitely do better because the logistics looks beta.

  6. Christopher Ashley

    Rich-School-Teacher here! I have tried many times to teach the kids the way – Many refuse to listen and continue the learning. I blame the social media fake rich and the government that lies to them, so that is how they are making money off the uneducated. I tell them there are many ways…but they just don't seem to want to listen. Oh well, semi-retired here!

  7. Chris C

    Here is the real truth – The world is getting further and further away from God and it shows by the rampant sin and evil out there. The only hope in this world for us individually and as a nation is Jesus Christ. We must confess and admit we are sinners (Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23) in need of a Savior. Believe and have faith that Jesus is the only one that qualifies as our true Savior (John 14:6) and is the only way to the Father. All who truly call on Jesus will be saved (Romans 10:13). Find a biblically based church, read the bible and do what it says. Have hope and peace in this world and the promise of eternity in heaven through the blood of Jesus

  8. David Thelen

    It's shameful how we respect the biggest failures of all time in finance (Ben Bernanke, Janet Fellon, and J Powell) my 6the grade kid has better financial commen sense than all 3 of them put together. You are not going to tell me that an uneducated me, who was hollering raise rates now back in 2014 (knowing exactly what the outcome of their decisions would be) is so much smarter than than all 3 of them ? They were all totally bought and payed off. Like I said "it is truly shameful that we listen "Janet Fellon" and the biggest failures in finance of all time.

  9. H K

    water, water, flowing water…. nothing specific …"you have to advance your investments and protect them at the same time" … gosh what an eye opener "get yourselves educated " .. yes, clearly, likely not going to happen here

  10. Rick Mineer

    Ordinary people who live partly on credit cards are already paying through the nose in interest, so how does raising the prime rate half a point, and in turn their variable rates, help them? It doesn't. They will buy anyway until maxed out. The banks collect that additional interest. This inflation started with the inflated response to COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain failed, fuel production was throttled and high price fuel makes it real for everyone. Looks like a planned domino effect. Is Putin's invasion part of this plan?

  11. Abegail Jessica

    Successfull people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time l pray that anyone who reads this will be Successful in life.

  12. ckp

    Talk, talk, and more talk, but nobody comes out of these videos with any idea how to "simply" not be an employee, work for yourself, and simply become financially independent. Yeah, yeah, get "good" debt and live off of it. Sure, easier said than done.

  13. OgBobbyJohnson

    can someone tell me 5 things theyve learned from this airhead that arent obvious?

    everyone that was in real estate in the early 2000's/late 90's came up on good money my grandparents did, this guy was wrong about crypto this past fall/winter…what does he actually know besides things anyone would learn just from getting into these sectors/fields

  14. william jenkins

    Actually we baby boomers did take a hit on our 401Ks back in 2008 and so did you Rich Dad although you were in Real Estate.

  15. Yeoj

    4% return with your money tied up in a complex sounds like a terrible deal.

  16. ONE FIx

    "200 units for starts"

    Same: I started with a unit

    This guy's a joke

  17. Hanan Sumoro

    Good content. May be some more videos on how to start finding deals for people who are new to real estate

  18. AB

    YOU are the one lying dude, Cardone never left the interview and he DID comeback after the commercial and ENDED the interview with a friendly smile to both, unsubscribed !

  19. Nick Behrooz

    All Cardone does is argue with people and I lost all respect after he made himself look like an ass to Jordan Belfort

  20. nubianknight129 Sprewell

    I’m a fan of both these gentlemen. But, when you produce a show of any type, you need to know where your guest is coming from and what they might say on “your podcast.” While I’ll give Robert the benefit of the doubt of doing due diligence in preparation for his podcast, I find it hard to believe if he actually had pre-produced his show (pre-interview, themes, agreed upon promotion of Grant’s products and services, etc) that they would be such polar opposites on things. Im pretty sure Grant didn’t invite himself on that show, so somebody didn’t do their homework!

  21. Daniel Calles

    I love Grant Cardone. I like is energy and his agressiveness. Its turns alot of people off. Did he do what this podcast was ment for? NO. Did he try to pitch his company on this platform? Yes. But he is always doing that, 'who's got my money' is his battle cry. Lol, maybe Robert thought he would have came on and gave some helpful info. Apparently not. But compared to your money sitting in a savings account, 4-6% is way better with GC. Grant changed my views on money and everything I knew about it. I learned about Robert through GC. He has other very helpful realestate info videos out there, he just didnt do what Robert brought him on for. Rk is level headed i think there is a time and place for both.

    Great commenting!

  22. kamal brown

    I totally agree with the interpretation of the video with kyosaki and Cardone. Didn't too like his approach and he is full of himself (Cardone) that is. I guess being wealthy doesn't mean you have a nice person

  23. j p

    Y'all I'm telling you when I look at cardone he has this evil ass look in his eyes

  24. Night Owl

    Both are Great, they both say truths. Hear everything don’t believe nothing. Take what you can use. Idk what this guy is saying

  25. Kaine Legacy

    Only my second vid, and I can already say I like this channel. I’ll be watching more. Thanks for the great content.

  26. Carole Edwards Butters

    So they have different approaches, and they're both right. Financing can be hard, managing property can be hard. You can either get educated and learn to do these things well or partner with someone who is educated. Each approach is valid and has pros and cons. If they had put their egos aside, they could have had a good-natured debate and offered useful insights for the audience.

  27. Indiana Jones

    Dont like or agree with Grant. People just love listening to one's who have money even when they make no sense. Grant once said he returned someone money as they asked questions what he will do with it and he just wants trust not questions. What a stupid man to say you just trust me or don't give it to me..

  28. Elvis Presley

    Mike, in short, your analysis of Cardone and this interview is DEAD ON the money.

  29. jaison stanley

    Love both of em, but hey! Respects to Robert sensei – most valuable asset to humankind. (Start small)

  30. E T

    Robert was being disrespectful by NOT setting the rules before hand. Interviewing somebody means you listen to what they say and you can pull them apart by questions but not by disrespecting the person you are interviewing.
    Robert KNEW Grant would pull some his potential customers.
    I dont like Grants system but Robert did wrong here.

  31. David DiMuzio

    I feel like in every conversation Grant just wants to prove to whoever he’s talking to that he’s smarter than they are.

  32. Rajesh - Just a guy

    10:39… because not everyone makes it. If you cant see that then nobody can help you.

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