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It cannot be said of this book that James Allen wrote it at any particular time or in any one year, for he was engaged in it over many years and those who have eyes to see and hearts to understand will find in its pages the spiritual history of his life. It was his own wish that The Divine Companion should be the last MS of his to be published. » It is the story of my soul,» he said, » and should be read last of all my books, so that the student may understand and find my message in its pages. Therefore hold it back until you have published everything else.» There remain now only his dramatic works and a few poems to be included in the next edition of Poems of Peace. That The Divine Companion will prove a companion indeed to thousands who have read his books in the past, I have no doubt. To read it is to hear again the voice of the writer, and to study its message is to once again sit at his feet. He trod the Way himself – every bit of it, and he therefore speaks as one having authority. Lovers of James Allen’s works will indeed be filled with joy to know that there is yet another book from his inspired pen, and will eagerly welcome The Divine Companion. – Summary by Lily L. Allen
The Divine Companion (Version 2)
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  1. Nonny Winner

    Thank you so much for the upload and sharing.
    James Allen's books always helps me with deal with this interesting journey called life.
    His books together with few other books, are my Google maps to the journey of life.
    Thank you so much 💓 Andrea Fiore for reading almost, most of well written books about live. I love ❤️ and enjoy listening to all the books you've read.

  2. DYL$ON€

    This type of thing requires one to pause after each point and take the time to really comprehend what the author is saying. Well this certainly applies to me anyway. I wonder how much the consciousness absorbs if you listen to this while asleep.

  3. Scam Witness

    Well done for uploading. The light shines here because you saw it and shared it. X.

  4. Jonathan H

    Thank you for uploading this whoever you are thank you so much so much! 🌝

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