TEDxVictoria – Victoria Westcott: Crowdfunding 101

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Victoria Westcott talks about how crowdfunding is changing the way that we create, produce & distribute our creative work.

Victoria Westcott is a teacher turned entrepreneur turned movie producer. Victoria Westcott is co-owner of Elgin Road Productions Ltd. Victoria crowdfunded the money for her first feature film, Locked In a Garage Band, and has since gone on to hold crowdfunding workshops locally and in the USA.

Filmed at TEDxVictoria on November 19 2011.


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20 comentarios

  1. Eddie Callan

    Do you do consulting with people who want to do a crowdfunding campaign?

  2. Rick Killpack

    Thank you very much…. Time to Crowdfund ….

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  4. Luxus Häuser

    Nice video, very helpful as our new business is considering this model.

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  6. Sam Lewtas

    Have never understood crowd funding or been that interested in the past. I watched this and immediately want to crowdfund, it sounds 'awesome!', great tips Victoria

  7. Christopher Wright

    There must be a way to pool resources into a legal fund to provide support for individuals that come forward to legitimately accuse an abuser that has far more money to defend themselves or that would counter sue the plaintiff. I am thinking of Mr. Trump suing the women that came forward claiming he grabbed them. I am thinking of an employee that is threatened by their employer. The structure of such a not-for-profit foundation, and criteria for access/ limitations and governance would be a valuable debate.

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  9. denveraspen

    I liked the concise, informative presentation.

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