Surviving Soaring Inflation – Robert Kiyosaki, Bert Dohmen, @Dohmen Capital

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Inflation is soaring everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station. Some say that the actual rate of inflation is 20%, not the 8% being reported, and most people are feeling it in their wallets. Today’s guest explains how we will experience a new high in inflation, and a new high in interest rates, meaning a total disaster for bond prices – going down 70%! 

Bert Dohmen, the founder of Dohmen Capital Research, says, “Big money will be made on the short side of the market, but that will require the most experienced guidance.” He says that the next few years will not be pleasant for the “uninformed investors” who practice a buy, hold, pray strategy. 

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Bert Dohmen discuss how this time, right now, is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime—if you have a financial education.

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Robert Kiyosaki warns against saving money, explains the federal reserve’s actions in detail, and elaborates on the serious threats to the global economy. He says they’re going to try and put him in jail for saying this.

Robert T. Kiyosaki is an American businessman, investor, and best-selling author. One of his most popular books is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and it’s a great educational tool on the way to financial freedom. Kiyosaki has been known for revealing the truth about money and finances that isn’t taught in any school.

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«The Fed Will Seize All Your Money In This Crisis» — Robert Kiyosaki’s Last WARNING
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  1. Charles Kelly Money Tips Podcast

    Robert, you also recommended Gerald Celeste’s newsletter! 😊

  2. Island Girl

    I hope you sold some of that oil…and paid your self a little

  3. AnakaShack

    Hawai was my place to go to…missed out on New Orlean's after…just a big fat disapointment for us, now.

  4. John Batchler

    It won't be gokdvand silver it be life long skills/job skills

  5. Derrick Johnson

    Yes sir no doubt about it all these pension funds that end up with investments they can't get rid of them because they have rode the price up then they go bearish they'll rush to the exit!

  6. mikey mike

    Maybe it’s time everyone goes back to their home land. Europeans to Europe, Asians to Asia, Africans to Africa and so on.

  7. mikey mike

    Hey Robert, you being educated I’m surprised you are calling Native People illegals in their own land. The real illegals come over seas and it began in 1492.

  8. romulus1300

    „At least 44 years in the business” – so let’s do some math now. Assuming the average person starts working around 21 or 22 – I should be looking for a 66 year old still working as an advisor 😂 you guys crack me up..

  9. Come with MAD

    I really really love this video I get so many knowledge from both of you. Thank you very very much sir.

  10. Jimmy Labuguen

    My needs to have a Brazilian

  11. QuadraClicks Gaming

    got into RE in 2009, thanks to you, Robert. You're my family's hero, my hero, your health seems dwindling though, protect your liver, look up Milk Thistle.

  12. Chris G

    I’m moving across the country from a blue state to a red state. Can’t wait. But I’m holding onto my old condo converting it into a rental. I have just enough money to perhaps buy a second place. A single family home to live in. Not a perfect home. Just something else which i envision turning into a rental in 2-3 years. Selling my blue state condo and then buying a nicer home. I’m nervous because I can’t really wait months to move and although bubbles may burst, the mortgage rates are supposed to keep rising. So what’s a smart move? I’m thinking 3 month rent just to get into the new state, then buy.

  13. silver dennis

    I'm of <the opinion that those who leave it to market dynamics to determine when to trade or not are either new to the Market or are probably just naïve. The market has seen far worse times than this, enlightened traders are taking advantage of the dip and pumping even more towards trading sessions. My advice to new investors: More emphasis should be put into day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 10 BTC when I started at 2 BTC in just 5 weeks of implementing trades with signals and insights from expert Euince T Mattia

  14. dymka2006

    Robert please learn to stop babbling and let your guests speak. We already know what you're going to say. Let us hear the guests.

  15. Andrew Blash

    Medical Debt – kills you first! ( Gold and Silver) seek passive incomes ( some people have been destroyed ) there is no money or little ( Medical and/or Social reduction) you are going to get slammed ( but you might invest and then hold till those assets grow –

  16. U.P. dan

    No their aren't. They would be shot and they know it.

  17. John Byrd

    I think crypto is being consolidated to be undervalued and eliquidated. What happened with all the shutdowns and logistics issues was a systems analysis for strains and a test run to gage societal response.

  18. Bree Campos

    They're going to apply the Chinese way of artificially playing with their dollar but in the form of a government coin.

  19. Ray raycthree

    I didn't watch because I've had enough rich poor dad, but they don't put you in prison for saying things in the USA nowadays unless you are a conservative, so he is in jeopardy.

  20. guy granger

    If thats the case,then they will get your money just the same. Thats why the poor folks are prepping and will still barter with small suppliers and local farmers. They will never take that away.

  21. Dougster

    This is why I admire guys like Robert K. he tells it like it is! 👍

  22. jon franklin

    You don't have to put the text on the screen. Closed caption will do that for people that need it. It's distracting for those who don't need it when the audio seems to be very clear.

  23. Lincoln

    Kiyosaki: Debt is what is destroying the country and the world
    Also Kiyosaki: So there I was, taking on a $300 million loan from the government to entrap more people into debt

    "wHy Do PeOpLe hATe mE?!?!" Why do we prop up these idiots as if they're some sort of savior? Fkin dumb

  24. steve eldridge

    Everything will crash. Everything will be carbon based priced. You will own nothing and be happy.

  25. Wilson Judson

    You might not have a hundred million dollars to invest, but that doesn’t mean your money can’t share in the same opportunities available to others. You work hard for your money; make sure your money works hard for you.

  26. Marvin Leo

    Mrs Sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

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    Too many Baghdad Bobs here😆😅🤣😂

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    let's get the people to invest in my gold mines

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