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In this video, Berklee Online Senior Editor and Writer Pat Healy welcomes the cast of “The Roaring Crowdfund” podcast to a live forum on the state of modern crowdfunding. The assembled group discuss Kickstarter, PledgeMusic, Indiegogo, and countless other platforms, as well as individuals’ experiences with raising money to make music. Additional guests include crowdfunding expert, attorney, and Berklee Online instructor Luiz Augusto Buff de Souza e Silva, as well as Mike King, who is Chief Marketing Officer at Berklee Online and a Berklee Online course author. The main cast members of “The Roaring Crowdfund” are Emily Keener, a singer/songwriter from Cleveland who recently made it to the top 12 on “The Voice”; Dutch ReBelle, a Boston rapper who Boston Magazine named Best Music Artist in 2018; Johnny Chops, a Texas rocker best known for his work as bassist for the Randy Rogers Band, and his side project, Johnny Chops & the Razors; and Stono Echo, a Florida-based hip-hop/soul duo featuring Paten Locke and Jay Myztroh. After their journeys were featured on “The Roaring Crowdfund” podcast, this was the first time for these artists to connect with each other.

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About Pat Healy:
Pat Healy is the writer, host, and creator of “The Roaring Crowdfund” podcast, a five-episode series about artists, struggling and strategizing through their crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, PledgeMusic, and Indiegogo. Pat is Senior Editor and Writer for Berklee Online, where he also hosts the “Music Is My Life” podcast. He also writes for the “Disgraceland” podcast, and has written for Pitchfork, Paste, and several other music sites.

About Berklee Online:
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