Rich Dad’s New Survival Plan – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, and Peter Schiff

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Many people are paying attention to the wrong things. Don’t make the same mistakes! Instead, Join Rich Dad Co-Founders Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, and their special guest, Peter Schiff, for a critical look at the dangers – as well as the incredible opportunities – for the times we are in. Come ready to learn, because we are going to share some specific strategies and ideas to help you be successful right away! This can be an incredible time for people who are trying to take control of their financial future… if you get prepared!

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20 comentarios

  1. Abdiel Ramirez

    Honest question, what is going to happen to those who have debt if they economy crashed ?

  2. Gaby Trumbull

    Robert kiyosaki is such a blessing to me; I believe success has no shortcuts but are ways to go about it; they are below 👇

  3. Strategylord XU

    Peter Schiff is definitely a genius on this kind of topic!

  4. Elliot Hammer


  5. Sea Laxing

    so to all the members of us currency – become a member of Europe right now!! and you will be safe !! come home to where you're family comes from!!!!

  6. Sea Laxing

    there is a major mistake I think – the dollar is the leading currency at the world – every row material is measured in dollar…..

  7. Stephen Green

    Most, failure's and loss on investments usually happens when you invest without proper guidance.

  8. Len Mash

    Retribution for TRUTH TELLERS against tyranny has no statute of limitations. God bless your dad's memory.

  9. Richard Gallagher

    It goes back to when the titanic went down a lot of people against forming the federal reserve ?

  10. Christine Blalack

    If you invest in companies and gold and real estate and the dollar crashes how do you pay your utilities and everyday expenses if you can no longer use the dollar?

  11. danny mollevanger

    Just because you found a tax loop does not make you a oracle but just a landlord.peacocking this bullshit all over the place.

  12. Allard Claire

    To be successful, you need to make plans and work towards them. Investing is still the smartest way to prepare for the unexpected. I have been investing consistently for 6 years and I am extremely pleased with the returns. For anyone who wants to start; The good news is – it's never late to start.

  13. Sun Abelarda

    We work for years to have , $1million while some people I know put thousand of dollars in some meme coins and they are millionaires.

  14. Rocky M

    I am by no means an economist, just watching this program for educational reasons. But I have wondered for some time if returning to the Gold Standard (11:27) would alleviate some of the problems that exist. It really seems that this society treats certain people (or at least, their money) preferentially, while deliberately penalizing others who are just as important to society.

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