POCKET BACKPACK : 100% eco-friendly all-in-one Tyvek bag[Crowdfunding Kickstarter Indiegogo Makuake]

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Pouch, Backpack, Shopper-Bag, Picnic Mat. All-In-One. Tyvek Fabric / 100% Recyclable / Waterproof / Feather-like / Portable

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If you do it with a funding insider, you can proceed with the entire process of overseas crowdfunding in Korea without going abroad. We will make a successful campaign based on our experience in crowdfunding over 500 foreign countries.

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Funding Insider approves/registers campaigns as well as responds to necessary comments / Update / On behalf of Shipping Survey Management.

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An American team member at a domestic corporation and a team member who has experienced local work in the U.S. will produce a video/landing page suitable for British and American sensibilities.

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YouTube (4 channels) / Instagram (3 channels) exclusively for overseas crowdfunding owned by Funding Insider

In addition to the promotion, we conduct various promotion/marketing activities such as e-mail / boosting marketing and collaboration marketing with Zelop (the world’s largest crowdfunding marketing company).

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In Funding Insider, you can do relay funding in five countries, including Kickstarter / Indiegogo in the U.S., Makuake in Japan, Jack in Taiwan, Pozible in Australia, and Wadiz.

in Korea, with just one content production. After the end of the campaign, we will help you enter large online distribution networks such as Amazon and home shopping in the U.S. and Europe.

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