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«The PLAN» – https://goodpracticereview.org/theplan22-web1
«The Wiggle Factor» Free pdf Report: https://goodpracticereview.org/theplan-22-wfb
The original book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, first time published and released in 1937, is one of the most influential books on Personal Development, in other words, «What makes successful and rich people successful. Listen to the full Think and Grow Rich audiobook.

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20 comentarios

  1. The Joe Cozzo Show

    Does anyone know who the narrator is for this YouTube version?

  2. K Smith

    Started listening to this book 4 days ago. I had tried reading it in the past but I think my mind wasn’t ready for this type of information. I am glad that the message finally clicks this time round and I feel overwhelmingly excited. I will be editing this comment for every improvement I make. First, I am looking for a job in my chosen field (Marketing). I’ve failed in the past but now ready to pick it up with full force, zero inhibitions but steamy desire to succeed. All the best to us all on this journey of self-mastery .🏆 ❤

  3. Andy boakye

    This book is life changing, by far one of the best I have read going over it a other two times.

  4. Richard Sanchez

    1:02 that guy that burned his ships when attacking an enemy force was Hernan Cortez when landing in Mexico. So he kinda had an upper hand. Just take that into account when deciding to go scorched earth.

  5. Jonas Vince

    im going to be financial free at the age of 25 now im 18 im going to be im working on it every day

  6. Henny boo

    Thank you so much for this audio, God bless you for this. Dear lord,i believe my son will be the first black man who will make a flying car 🙏 from Africa.

  7. David

    Everyone that is seeing that is Not Here For No reason we are Made to be rich
    And going to be Rich there is Always that one Person in His Family that Made IT and thats Me ! Claim IT U have nothing to loose only to win Life is beautiful dont U Know ? Mindset is everything!! Amen

  8. Jacob Litster

    Claiming £100,000 by 2028. Currently on £2,000 😬

  9. Zeke Davis

    The editor needs to chill with these comments 😂

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