Notion Build With Me: Track Budget, Income And Expenses

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Working with finances and budgeting in Notion can get tricky. In today’s video I show you an easy way to setup a personal cash flow with minimal formula use. Automatically calculating a balance from an inflow of income and outflow of expenses can be achieved with relations and rollups. Here’s how I did it.

0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Quick Overview
1:36 – The Database Setup
5:40 – Connect Income and Expenses to Calculator
10:06 – Budget Formula
11:49 – Add More Month Database Views
15:14 – Yearly View
17:01 – Outro

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En este video tutorial curso te enseño a usar la app de notion para crear una tabla de gastos en español
Video Rating: / 5

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30 comentarios

  1. Inspiring lives by safoora

    Awesome,Thanks. we’ll explained
    I’m pretty impressed.

  2. Cranjis McBasketball II

    if(prop("Budget") >= prop("Amount"), "In Budget", "Over Budget")

  3. iv4nschneider

    Really awesome job! I was looking for something exactly like this. Thank you thank you thank you

  4. Hilma Inkono

    This was so much work to figure out on a mobile device 🥹

  5. 앤디

    I cannot find inline table. Is there a pro version for this?

  6. Suresh S

    Very nice tutorial… How to record my daily expenses and income?

  7. E Rain

    you're very good at introducing processes without it being overwhelming or over inflating the worth. very easy to learn and apply to other processes. love your site too. thanks.

  8. Vicky Cheung

    It's amazing!!! Thank you for sharing the template 🙂

  9. Mprov

    Hello, thank you for sharing this. I really needed it! I'm having one issue while setting it up. When duplicating the table for the following months it seems as if they were tied since changing the month on February would change January too. I tried applying the filters but it won't show anything since the tag is shared with the first table. Am I missing something here or is this tabel not supposed to keep track of previous months?

    Thank you!

  10. MamaMurphy

    Really helpful, thank you! Is it possible to have the fixed incomes be automatically added to each month, or do I have to type it in manually every new month?

  11. Ivan Escobar

    Check out Gregory's video on creating Recurring Notion Pages, so you don't need to manually add month's the fixed incomes or fixed expenses.😖

    You can automate it so each month certain incomes/outcomes are added to your tables.

  12. Shania Calvert

    Is there a way to budget per paycheck on 1 page?

  13. The Retired Millennial

    New subscriber here, and I love love this!

  14. Mi música Favorita

    el unico video que entendí al 100% gracias😃

  15. Jackie

    gracias, tu video me fue de mucha ayuda. No sabía como poner el precio en valor de pesos.

  16. rpmOOn1e

    esto es perfecto para gente joven que no tenga tantos gastos, fue mi caso y me sirvió mucho tu video, muchas gracias <3

  17. Ras Lscm

    te adoro man justo lo que estaba buscando :3 ahora a seguirle exprimiendo el jugo a esta aplicación

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