Mark Kelly -Talks about Marillion, Book, Touring, Kayleigh, Fans & more – Radio Broadcast 21/02/2022

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Mark Kelly talks about Punch and Judy(track), Fan Loyalty, Forming Marillion, Influences, Playing Live, 80s, Prog Rock, An Hour Before It’s Dark Lp, Kayleigh(track), Touring, Struggles, Crowdfunding and ‘Marillion, Misadventures And Marathons..’ Book.

Interviewed By: Giles Brown
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Join host Pete Pardo for another edition of his rant series, where he discusses the two eras of British prog rock veterans Marillion. #marillion

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23 comentarios

  1. kev catnip

    Great album congrats and dont forget the album doesnt end and extra track

  2. Boosh Ting

    Just want to say the new album is great. The interviewer is clearly locked in a shed marked 80s, but the band still makes incredible music.

  3. Augusto TorchSon

    A couple of years later but I want to give my opinion as a big Marillion Fish era band. I started listening to the albums with Steve but I was disappointed with each album since I expected to hear the magic that existed with Fish. I think Hoogarth is even a better vocalist than Fish, but he is not Fish. Marillion lost with Fish's departure, which made them special. I have to say that I don't like Fish's solo albums either, so I only have to continue enjoying that wonderful legacy that were those years together and their influence on bands like Arena or Carptree.

  4. Elizabeth Jones

    Fish 100% his new album is amazing and marillion wouldn’t be marillion without derek aka fish

  5. Elizabeth Jones

    Fish 100% his new album is amazing and marillion wouldn’t be marillion without derek aka fish

  6. Elizabeth Jones

    Fish 100% his new album is amazing and marillion wouldn’t be marillion without derek aka fish

  7. Jeff Holmes

    Seasons End and Holidays In Eden are great , after that meh .
    I love all the Fish era records ..

  8. Alan Cohen

    why bother comparing? what was,..was.. I let this dilemma go years ago,..was really hard to transition at first "Sympathy" with Hogarth caught my ear.. . both eras hold their own.. after Fish's departure,..the melancholy element most definetly ,.. lost, I agree, Clutching at Straws "At that Time of Night" always and forever my all time fav. BRAVE was probably # 2 Fish's single them all!

  9. Mick Dotca

    They are two completely different bands. Perhaps the same musicians BUT front men have influence in the making of the sound. Fish just nails the heavier and poetic verse amazingly, where Steve is melodic and translating Fish era songs aren't the same. Steve is great live but they lost me somewhere in the 90s. Though i find the Marbles album to be the best period from the H years. One could say with the 30 year stay of Steve that he is the real Marillion and that Fish was a "starter" vocalist for the other four musicians. Is Fish vs Steve a fair chat…NO! 2 different bands period. People buy Marillion weekend tickets and merch, albums and releases so clearly there is an appeal to this era of Marillion. I'm finding recent releases predictable and boring. Like it or leave it….Steve is here to stay so like or just stray away. (which i have pretty much have)

  10. mIKE tHOMSON

    You articulate my thoughts on this topic exactly

  11. rodrigo allendes

    With all due respect to Marillion's wonderful discography with Fish, I must say that Fish's band and their discography with the exception of "Vigil" has always been light years ahead of Marillion as a band…not even mentioning Steve Hogarth. Marillion continued on the crest of the wave as the most important prog band in the world without Fish, which although it has a good number of loyal nostalgic followers, in my humble opinion his works as a soloist never reached the quality or the repercussion that it has continued to have Marillon with H. I think Fish made the mistake of his life by separating from Marillion because he had more talent as a lyricist and frontman than as a musician, unfortunately his fame as a rockstar and excesses did not allow him to realize that. In spite of everything, and although I practically don't listen to his music, I love Fish and I'm still waiting for him to do a job up to Vigil's level again. Marillion with H has evolved in an unimaginable way, we all thought it was the end, but Hogarth arrived with all his enormous talent and impressive voice that has already given us more than 15 albums including gems like Marbles, Afraid, Anoraknophobia, Sounds, Ratiation , Brave, now An Hour etc. We have always seen how second vocalists destroyed bands but with H it was the opposite, Marillion not only survived but also grew musically, giving H his own style, different, more sentimental, with more bluesy overtones, full of atmospheres and colors, I think that the evolution It has been fantastic. I am one of those who loves Marillion as a whole Fih and H era, because in the end one realizes that the quality is in the band as a whole, with that poker of aces that are Rothery, Kelly, Trewabas and Mosley that can make you even a cat bell sounded beautifully and Steve Hogarth fit like a custom-made glove.

  12. Karl Gossot

    A friend of mine put it best when describing the most recent Marillion albums: BLAND. It's just not a sound that excites me at all. It's like watching a piece of dead wood float in the ocean. It's boring.

  13. Steve Mac

    I appreciate this is 2 years old but Marillion’s latest, An hour before it’s dark, is a masterpiece.

    I was there from the start and can accept Fish & Hogarth have very different styles.

    I call it mood music.

    Crap day, angry? Get Fish on.

    Reflective day?


    They shouldn’t really be compared !

  14. WarhawkBeyond2040

    I have great respect for both singers in terms of their contributions to Marillion but for me Fish will always be the voice of the band. No doubt Hogarth has brought Marillion to a much larger audience and they've been playing in bigger venues but having watched some of their recent live performances, they don't sound like a progressive rock band and his voice although nothing wrong with it sounds more like poetry recitials than actual singing. The Fish years as far as i'm concerned is where it's at.

  15. Mike Desrochers

    I like Steve Hogarth. He can be a great singer when he wants to be. By that I mean Seasons End and Holidays in Eden, and from there I feel the material kind of went downhill. Because his style in my opinion devolved into this overly mumbly whimsical vocal that I can best describe as someone asleep but having a bad dream. Too much meandering noodling instrumentally on their most recent albums. I like succint hooks and strong vocals like 'Cover My Eyes' personally.

  16. Michael Salisbury

    I don't agree about Seasons end it was a huge disappointment Fugazi d so ucked too so did everything after that!!!

  17. Vincent Simon

    I have never to this day liked anything from Marillion after Fish left. If I even barely , it was Season's End. At least it was somewhat still Proggy. Then the new Marillion started developing their newer and less proggier style. Wish I could like them but…no. No more Prog than Lady Ga Ga!

  18. James ThousandKings

    Love both eras, why choose just one? If you haven't given the time to Season's End, Brave, Fear and especially Marbles (my fave H era album), then you are really missing out. The new album, An Hour Before it's Dark, has been a nice surprise as well. Pick it up and support this wonderful band!

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