Kim Kiyosaki Predicts The Economic Crash & Civil Unrest

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馃嚭馃嚫 Biden to Replace US Dollar?!
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20 comentarios

  1. anil yousuf

    The fed will try to save the crash by printing money in 2023…because in media they are saying that you have a wrong definition of recession, because they will use their same technique of printing money in 2023…but the crash or recession fullllllly start or like you can realize it in 2024…


    Thank Trump for all the money he printed just like she said. should have crashed in 2016 but trump propped it up by adding 8 TRILLION to the deficit

  3. Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich

    Let it burn down to the ground for all I care, let blood runs in the streets and poison the Thames, let the Tower fall and the crowns be broken, let their screams fade into the void and let the lands drink and feed from their death to grow a new,

  4. Kjeld

    why is it she was predict economic when its all a shetty plan world wide act against us all..!!! nothing new same shet new age BS

  5. Brandon Honeycutt

    Xrp is the solution to the global liquidity crisis. The feds have a plan for a soft landing for this crash. More of a transition but yes the poor mindset will be stuck in the rat race likely forever at that point. Enjoy your UBI 鈥 it will be just enough to survive but never feel like your thriving

  6. Brandon Richards

    Time for the poor too take from these rich pricks who have destroyed everything

  7. Edmund Worrell

    The economic party CAN last forever if the system was based on Christian principles of production. It says in the Bible, "By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread". This is not a punishment from god, this is god making mankind aware of an economic principle that undergirds the material universe.

    By following the liberal-Satanists who promise something for nothing we have burned thru our accumulated national wealth and then we began to put ourselves in debt to the Satanists by accepting their satanic Federal Reserve Notes, which are debt instruments. It is too late now to avoid 90 percent of the pain that is to come, but to get on the road to recovery we have to be at least smart enough to know that we must insist on free and fair elections, we must vote out the current misadministration, and we must get to the bottom of what happened in 2020 and take steps to see that it never happens again.

  8. W

    The civil unrest is already present in our society! It is the regularity of mass shouting, fatal carjackings, assaults, on and on! We live the constant violence everywhere! In an overarmed population, if managed impoverishment of enough citizens, who eventually will catch on to intentionality of the crisis and subsequently begin to act out in uncontrollable ways, the results are completely unpredictable! We cannot calmly assume that we are a first world nation with thousands of homeless everywhere! The components are in place right now, and little more will make it happen!

  9. dryden0100

    You can buy silver and gold, but where are you keeping it? You're either keeping it at a bank, or you keeping it on private property, where the parties responsible for the civil unrest can do a home invasion and take it from you. The truth is, unless you're extremely wealthy (i.e. a billionaire), you're not actually safe.

  10. bigrobnz

    the government won"t take care of us……the government will feed and steal off us to keep themselves going……that"s how it is …..survival is not pretty……

  11. Michael D'amato

    Here's what I know, the rich better start preparing for a big downfall……..

  12. Kurt S

    I predict no unrest and an economic boom. Gloom and doom gets clicks

  13. Ian Briggs

    To much greed with bankers politicians and water companies electric companies the list is endless these greedy bastards will be the first to feel the full force !
    You people started these problems if theres food shortages where's all these millions going ? People like tony Blair and other elites will get ripped apart people know whats happening god help these greedy bastards ! Their time will come the sooner the better you've seen nothing yet ! You can run but you carnt hide all politicians started all this sod joe public
    The young lady spoke the truth im frightened politicians are playing avery dangerous game ,shame on them 馃槨

  14. Medic311

    Wall Street has been buying up single family homes to the tune of millions of homes. Federal reserve has been hoarding record amounts of gold. Don't pay attention to what is being said, pay attention to what they are doing

  15. George Schnackenberg

    Do not waste your money on metals…seeds.. food….water…ammo…firearms…and build communities outside the grid…no man is an island…together is the only way with what they have planned.

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