JUST IN: Trump Warns 'World War III Has Never Been Closer'

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In a video released to social media, former President Trump warned of the threat of World War III, and detailed a plan to battle «warmongers» and «globalists» in US politics.

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Former Trump administration official Gavin Smith and CNN political commentator Paul Begala react to former President Donald Trump’s recent social media posts attacking Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis. #CNN #News
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38 comentarios

  1. Skinner, Winner

    You have been right ..let's do it. ARREST him .he don't belong THERE .he's a treason trader China collaborators sold out shine on his whole

  2. gianni laker

    President Trump prhaps stole election is only
    Making him stronger he realized the left force is much bigger than he has anticipated.
    He has the right plan. For Americs.
    We need to vote in masses

  3. NinjaGameFreak Aka Jakki

    Good it needs to happen. Maybe this time all wars will really stop when the war ends. This country sucks. This planet sucks.

  4. Skinner, Winner

    Yes yes Im with you Trump. I'm with you. Hip hip hooray Trump .

  5. MyVisualRomance

    So what does Trump want the people to do, start whacking these cabal idiots?

  6. Tom Cullen

    The communist Biden regime cannot afford to wait for the new presidential election they know they'll lose so instead it will try to force our country into war you can win that way

  7. Rephaim Og

    What did you do for the four years you were President?

  8. Torban Walker

    We all voted for President Trump before and will always


    Oh great, can’t wait until another capitol building riot takes place

  10. Lorne Chadwell

    We dont need a president that does a little the first month, then spends 90% of the time getting triggered by the idiots that know how to get you pissed.

  11. Lucy Serpiccio

    Lizard face traitor who copied my word I used meatball on alot of my comments crook

  12. Monty Davis

    Sad to say but you know it's bad when you would choose Trump Over Another candidate. Because that's exactly what I'm doing lol.

  13. Nil Nil

    If DeSantis was the candidate in New York governor, he would have won that too. He's incredibly popular and not just amongst Republicans.

  14. The Equalizer

    Then where does that leave trump's level of loyalty?

  15. J. Taires

    Trump is so classless, always – he’s a 6th grade boy

  16. Denise Keith

    Let's get all the crazy Congress people out of our Government and put people in who want to work for America .Not big pharma ,Corporations and the rich.

  17. Diana

    Oops, Landed here by mistake. I don't watch fake news. Sorry, not sorry!

  18. Chase Jackson

    It speaks volumes for this ass backward country that a mentally unbalanced immature bigot soley responsible for the one of the darkest days in American history seen around the world, is eligible to run for the POTUS!!!

  19. DoraGlen Jordon

    Republicans definitely have a miserable choice. Which is the lesser of the two evils?

  20. Gab Karlic

    I learned a new word today:


    Learn to pronounce


    government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.

    "the danger is that this will reduce us to kakistocracy"

    a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.

  21. James Jenkins

    So glad this waste of a human will never be president again. What a horrible public decision to ever make this disgusting waste of a soul relevant ever again. Didn't we learn from his horrible TV show. This man is a waste.

  22. Nora Caballero


  23. Bill C.

    Is Truth Social actually a "social media" site? I mean even the orange Jesus only has like 8% of the mouth breathing droolers he had on Twitter. 😛

  24. criptard

    Trump please dont sink the country by attacking Desantis. Mr. Trump your awesome attack the woketards.

  25. Frank Morton

    Lunatic don will attack his mother. He's worse than dementia Joe. Hope Republicans have some else. If not this country is in bad shape.

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