James Allen , Out From The Heart ( Complete )

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MIND IS THE ARBITER of life. It is the creator and shaper of conditions, and the recipient of its own results. It contains within itself both the power to create illusion and to perceive reality. Mind is the infallible weaver of destiny. Thought is the thread, good and evil deeds are the “warp and woof” or foundation, and the web, woven upon the loom of life, is character. Mind clothes itself in garments of its own making.

Man, as a mental being, possesses all the powers of mind, and is furnished with unlimited choice. He learns by experience, and he can accelerate or retard his experience. He is not arbitrarily bound at any point, but he has bound himself at many points, and having bound himself he can, when he chooses, liberate himself.

He can become bestial or pure, ignorant or noble, foolish or wise, just as he chooses. He can, by reoccurring practice, form habits, and he can, by renewed effort, break them off. He can surround himself with illusions until Truth is completely lost, and he can destroy each of those illusions until Truth is entirely recovered. His possibilities are endless; his freedom is complete.

It is the nature of the mind to create its own conditions, and to choose the states in which it shall dwell. It also has the power to alter any condition, to abandon any state. This it is continually doing as it gathers knowledge of state after state by repeated choice and exhaustive experience.

Inward processes of thought make up the sum of character and life. Man can modify and alter these processes by bringing will and effort to bear upon them. The bonds of habit, impotence, and sin are self-made, and can only be destroyed by one’s self. They exist nowhere but in one’s mind, and although they are directly related to outward things, they have no real existence in those things.

The outer is molded and animated by the inner, and never the inner by the outer. Temptation does not arise in the outer object, but in the lust of the mind for that object. Nor do sorrow and suffering belong by nature to the external things and happenings of life, but in an undisciplined attitude of mind toward those things and happenings.

The mind that is disciplined by Purity and fortified by Wisdom avoids all those lusts and desires which are inseparately bound up with affliction, and so arrives at enlightenment and peace.

To condemn others as evil, and to curse at outside conditions as the source of evil, increases and does not lessen, the world’s suffering and unrest. The outer is but the shadow and effect of the inner, and when the heart is pure all outward things are pure.
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James Allen (28 November 1864 – 24 January 1912) was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement.

text found here http://james-allen.in1woord.nl/?text=morning-and-evening-thoughts

First Morning

In aiming at the life of blessedness, one
of the simplest beginnings to be considered,
and rightly made, is that which we all
make every day-namely, the beginning
of each day’s life.

There is a sense in which every day
may be regarded as the beginning of a new
life, in which one can think, act, and live
newly, and in a wiser and better spirit.

The right beginning of the day will
be followed by a cheerfulness permeating
the household with a sunny influence,
and the tasks and duties of the day will
be undertaken in a strong and confident
spirit, and the whole day will be well lived.

First Evening

There can be no progress, no achievement,
without sacrifice, and a man’s worldly
success will be in the measure that he
sacrifices his confused animal thoughts,
and fixes his mind on the development
of his plans, and the strengthening of his
resolution and self-reliance.

And the higher he lifts his thoughts,
the more manly, upright, and righteous
he becomes, the greater will be his success,
the more blessed and enduring will be his
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  1. Creative Learning NY

    This is incredibly powerful because it is soo practical. Mastery be with us all.

  2. Colleen Ann

    Loved it👏👏👏 I know one of these virtuous people. Such good man & loved by all. ♥️

  3. hdhootie

    Yesterday was the birth of Christ however Sunday is the day people attend churches in his name……..?

  4. Yupit Foyamut

    Does anybody have the email addresses for B.Ill G.ates, K.laus S.hwab, G.eorge S.oros? I want to gift them with this book. They are forcing us to head 180 degrees from this Wisdom with their evil.

  5. Carla Raimer

    james allen’s work, along w many of the authors/ works on your site, should be part of the american school curriculum. we’d probably have happier citizens & less mass shootings!

  6. Carla Raimer

    🌈🙏🏼💜love james allen & am beyond grateful for this channel! as soon as im in a better position financially, (soon) i will show you more of my gratitude .

  7. rosie baker

    Thank you so much to all supporting to me I would merry Christmas and happy New.year 2021 hope every one happy 2021 I.wish all of as all.our dreams come true they might be t hank thank you thank..a

  8. Greatfull Awareness

    lord let me take this with me in death

  9. Taylor David

    I find a James Allen to be the most impactful writer I've ever come across. His books have absolutely changed my life

  10. Teddy Kariuki

    Thank You Brother for the above service to humanity. Please continue if You may, disseminating these great works of the second wisest man to walk on this earth; Brother James Allen.
    Blessed may he forever be as well as You.

  11. Danny Strehle

    I love hearing this video it helps me over come life's challenges and obstacles with love and understanding

  12. Fast99

    Thank you for doing this. James Allen's works are great and I appreciate you sharing it. Be blessed

  13. Tennessee Martin

    Thank you for blessing me. Wish you peace and prosperity my friend.

  14. John Cairns

    In the wake of YouTube deplatforming London real I am sure that this PC disclaimer was an absolute necessity as part of the control being exerted over us

  15. Michael Ali

    I very much appreciate your opening. James “Path To Prosperity” is big part of my life! Please record an audio for that book

  16. Virginia Goins

    IAM not offeneded I Understand the Masculinity in me is the God head.

  17. Ross Melanson

    John you don’t have to apologize, normal people understand that “man” includes all people in these writings… thank you for this wonderful piece!!

  18. Errol Bernard

    I humbly and genuinely want to send out my thanks for this lecture,it has not only helped me on a daily basis ,but it has allowed me to add value to myself and others.I will listen to this for the rest of my life and share this lecture with ani who will listen

  19. T G

    Wow! Your voice and delivery is stunning!! Thank you for doing this John. I am grateful!

  20. Marcy Brooks

    Your voice is very similar to Earl Nightingale. Thank you for using it to share this message.

  21. Lamont real messages

    If gender doesn't matter, then why do u need to explain it's existence. Gotta kiss up to the modern day madness; right!! STOP just give the message.

  22. Leon Walsh

    This beautiful Easter morning 20190421. One cycle of the moon from spring equinox. This time of new life and opportunity.
    A year ago today I spent this meaningful time captive in a Michigan corrections center. Extradited from an idaho corrections center to serve one year of three for 13,000.00 in child support.
    A lot has emerged since my release July 3rd 2018.
    I have spent the last three years diligently working on redesigning the architecture of my mind.
    It is work well worth the time and effort.
    Small victories are awarded contingent on intent and action.
    Much transmutation.
    Constant mental alchemy.
    Turning all led thoughts into golden opportunities to discover the awareness of my true higher self.
    I can feel the path unfold before my trod.
    Sensing at times the guidance of divinity.
    What an amazing universe.
    I am currently without contact of my three children. This reunion, though appearing difficult at this time, WILL evolve.
    For this is what lies in my heart.
    Out there I have sent it.
    Returning to me at time proper.
    As I think so I become.
    Manifest greatness my brothers and sisters.
    One positive thought and selfless deed after the next.
    Clear the heart and mind of all darkness. Turn it all to light. It is all good!
    Go with the flow!
    Be still.
    Be silent.
    Master thoughts.
    Vibrate on the highest of frequencies.
    Dance the cosmic sway.
    Allow it to be effortless.
    When one is on their true path there is absolutely no struggle.
    The current is swift in the river of life.
    Have you not seen a tree growing from a rock?
    I wish for they that read this scribe, with all my heart, to notice in this moment.
    The breathe of life.
    Leon Walsh.

  23. NKruman Santos

    You a great voice. It would be great if you read other James Allen's titles and the work of Wallace D Wattles. The way you read makes books become teachings… Thank you.

  24. Steven Raphael

    I've read "As a man thinking probably 500 times in the last 30 years. He should be the most study in famous Author there is the true application of thought running after rituals. I've memorize lot of that book too.

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