Is Crowdfunding A Viable Healthcare Alternative? (Subtitled)

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Medical Crowdfunding: Got Cash?: Crowdfunding platforms have taken off in the age of social media, but can they become a viable alternative to traditional health insurance? This report profiles those whose stories don’t sell.

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«In a campaign, you need someone to lead a global strategy – graphic designers, social media specialists, videographers,» says Ivana Leiseder, who worked on a record breaking GoFundMe that raised money for a Swiss woman suffering from a genetic disease. Yet while the industry covers bn in medical expenses in the US, studies show that 90% of campaigns fail, with minority groups less likely to receive funding.

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3 comentarios

  1. احمد & زينب السليمان

    crowdfunding and govenment-funded healthcare is the same thing

    they're both funded collectively by the public so whether the actual quality of the final product is good or not doesn't matter because it's driven by public interest rather then actual consumer demand

    i've seen alot of awful stuff on crowdfunding sites and i'm sure this is bound to happen to crowdfunded healthcare

    compare that to privatized healthcare which is purely demand-driven and would fail miserably if the quality is bad

  2. old fan

    And THIS is coming from Switzerland? That's s'posed to be the Best FREE Health Care System in the whole wide world!?!?!?

  3. yes pineapple pizza

    Wait, why do we have to pay for compulsory healthcare in switzerland if they don't help when we really need it. Stupid system. We never benefit

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