Intro to Equity Crowdfunding w. StartEngine

Intro to Equity Crowdfunding w. StartEngine
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Intro to Equity Crowdfunding w. StartEngine

Equity crowdfunding is booming with thousands of startups raising millions of dollars all from the comfort of their home. Founders can raise anywhere from M – M for their business and never give up control of their company. You set your terms, share price and valuation.

Don’t think it’s for you? Equity crowdfunding not only gets you the capital you need, but can also increases your company’s exposure, which could help increase sales and grows your business in ways traditional funding can’t.

Don’t miss out, this webinar recap covers the must-knows of equity crowdfunding:
•How equity crowdfunding works (filing & regulatory process, costs/fees)
•Fundraising strategies
•The StartEngine team that will help you reach your funding goal
•A few case studies of successful campaigns
•Time for Q&A to answer questions from the audience

0:00 Intro
1:30 What is crowdfunding?
2:35 A closer look at equity crowdfunding
5:06 Why raise equity from the Crowd?
6:24 Venture Capital Vs Equity Crowdfunding
9:04 The StartEngine Process
10:55 Reg CF Offerings
14:06 Reg A Offerings
15:27 Things to Consider
18:15 How do the investors come in?
20:05 The different securities sold on StartEngine
20:50 Components in the process
22:28 Preparing a strong crowdfunding marketing plan
23:58 Case Studies
25:50 Contact Information
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  1. Elizabeth H, EH

    Thank you John and Katie for this video. Very helpful. Cheerios.

  2. HelloSharky

    Thanks for the great platform. For the benefit of other investors like me, I do live startup deal analysis on my channel. Hope these are helpful to people.

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