Inflation is here, and it’s here to stay. How much are gas prices in your area? ⛽️

Inflation is here, and it’s here to stay. How much are gas prices in your area? ⛽️
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Inflation is here, and it’s here to stay. How much are gas prices in your area? ⛽️

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  1. Greg Mooney

    Those in charge, ie. Czar Nicholas, don't see it coming being controlled by their greed. Revolution rarely results in improvement, but becomes inevitable when the hierarchy is blind to the misery that they're creating

  2. JR

    Dude said the poor poorer but then says the middle class gets hit the worst. If the poor get poorer how does the middle class get hit the worst? Have ever been poor then get poorer? Pritty sure that's the worst.

  3. Koda_51

    The world is really become like the movie "Eylsium" i wouldnt doubt the rich are building ships to get off this planet. The poor will be stuck here with no medicine. Food. Water.

  4. A name

    Invest your money into gold and sliver if inflation keeps happening your investment will grow with it

  5. Helen Rose

    What I can't believe is that given the high global inflation, gold & silver prices are still so low.
    58% of developed countries have inflation over 5% but the metals price has barely moved? How? I know they have been manipulating the gold price for a few years but surely given the real inflation rate, gold and silver should be through the roof?!

  6. Demystify Economics

    Gas would go up much further with a EU oil embargo.

  7. Stephen Shapiro

    Is it my imagination or did several expert past guests on the show state inflation and interest rates were to remain near zero for foreseeable decades?

  8. Pharmacist2023ladyالصيدلانيه ريتاج

    Because of that I started to open YouTube channel,iwant to be independent pharmacist
    I hope what iam doing is right to survive from poor situation, I have alot of health information than can any person got benefits this is also my goal

  9. mustLoveDogs

    In Australia, around USD 5.60 to USD 6.30 per US gallon as at May 01 2022

  10. Randall Hub

    My daughter is 22 years old..she says your curt..but we love you and that won't change. Love Cheryl and Randall.

  11. Car Wash Chronicles

    Gotta set yourself so inflation works in your favor not against you.

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