Indiegogo wants the world’s biggest companies to get into crowdfunding

Indiegogo wants the world’s biggest companies to get into crowdfunding
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Crowdfunding has largely been associated with smaller companies looking to increase the volume of their production. Now, the big companies are starting to get involved. Indiegogo’s CEO Slava Rubin stopped by The Verge Lounge to discuss the shift with Nick Statt.


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The WEIRD world of crowdfunding TUMBLR scams! - KickScammers

It doesn’t get crazier than a whole video of TUMBLR Kickstarter, Indiegogo & GoFund Me SCAMS | Check out Twitch for KICKSCAMMERS LIVE
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Today on KickScammers we are gonna be looking at the weird world of Crowdfunding TUMBLR scams.

You have all heard of DASHCON right? The awful convention designed by Tumblr users, FOR tumblr users to come and meet Benedict Cumberbatch, rock out to the steam powered giraffes and dress up all furry styley and meet similar minded people!

Yep, it was a massive failure! But you knew that already. The crowdfunded convention was only the tip of what makes TUMBLR crowdfunding campaigns some of the weirdest and worst campaigns to ever be promoted on the platform.

We will be covering everything from obscure HAMILTON projects to campaigns created by people who disappeared!

This is a really obscure episode. Hope you…. Errr.,.. enjoy!

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23 comentarios

  1. Anonymous Ted

    "Up to the funders" = take your own risk & Indiegogo doesn't give a shit whether a product gets shipped or not.

  2. Yash Mathne

    I like how he completely avoided the last question :')

  3. Onyx BlackScale

    wait…. liptons lemon iced tea. microwaved. then with added milk?
    i dont think ive been this angry at a consumable choice since i heard Nixons favourite meal was cottage cheese with ketchup

    the iced tea i get, i quite like it myself
    the microwaved i get. cos sometimes you want it hot
    but hot lemon tea, with milk?

    was this a dare or something?

  4. The Weird Kid In Class

    Those were some weird stories, but not as weird as you microwaving bottled Liptons Tea.

  5. Juan D'Marco

    I used to be a tumblr user, but I never knew about any ofthis until I first watched this video

  6. Darkness the Curse

    Me: "Meh Tumblr…"

    Slopes: "Her uncle has an eight-year old girl as a slave."

    Me: "WTF…"

  7. nice

    15:00 Man wtf, you are talking about a trasngendered teenagers' su***de. It's in absolute bad taste to use the same tone you've been using the whole video to talk about this issue.. It's not the same as talking about the scammers. A bit of empathy, please, or, some voice training could do wonders. If you really can't be arsed to toneshift and/ or need your whole video to carry the same tone, just refrain from talking about this stuff. It's not okay

  8. Adam Frazer

    So why not call it

    Hamilton……pays the RENT ?

  9. Adam Frazer

    I'd jump into an entire concert hall brimming with piss before I willingly cohabitate with furries.

  10. F40PH-2CAT

    Tumblr culture is trash and should be ignored until it disappears. I won't be tolerant of it.

  11. Ricky the Mongoose

    Are you nuking a mug of Lipton Iced Tea at the end there?

  12. Ghost Of Recon

    Intentional comedy isn’t what tumblr is known for. Unintentional hilarity is.

  13. Boxer Blake

    An odd couple rip-off web comic based on 2 people with mental illness. Okay then. Tumblr is full of mental illness. Even worse than Twitter.

  14. Cierra Townsend

    Internet Historian has a great video on DashCon.

  15. Drunken Hobo

    I can't stand the sheer middle class privilege of having "care packages" for people to play dress up whilst there are people who don't have any money for food, housing or regular clothing. Those who donated deserved to be scammed.

  16. Tubbs Bambi

    Tea in a microwave?…You need to go in one of your own videos mate

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